Awww, Man! Hate waiting

So for those of you with a Knitpicks interchangeable needle set, you may have heard the cool news that they now are making cable connectors!!! :woot:

That means if you have 2 shorter cables you can make a longer one, BUT, more importantly (I think) you can switch from a shorter cable to a longer one or vice versa without slipping any stitches!

I went to order a set the second I heard about them. Of course they were already backordered… Sigh! So finally they became available again a couple of days ago and I immediately ordered a set! My order came yesterday (with the books, and Eucalan, and other junk I had to get from $1.99 to $50), and there were no connectors! :noway:

I checked the invoice - Backordered!!! :sad: So I guess they’ll be shipping at a different time. DANG IT!!!

Anyway, just thought anyone who has a Knitpicks needle set might want to know so I can be joined in my misery waiting for the backorder to be lifted. LOL!

I intend to order them sooner or later, too! Thanks for the heads up re: the big bad [B]“B”[/B] word!

It’s funny you should say that… I finally convinced my partner that I ‘needed’ the connectors (I really don’t ‘need’ them yet, but I know I will!) and since you have to order $50 for free shipping he decided to finally put the swift and winder in the cart too… of course he got to checkout and in the time it took for me to tell him the connectors were in stock to the time he hit the pay button… they were out of stock again lol :o)

I guess I’ll just wait til the 26th when they’re back in!

sigh I wish Canada had the $50 for free shipping thing…

I ordered some circs I need for making my sons caps yesterday, and was so excited until I saw that they are backordered for a month. /cry

I am glad to hear that Knit Picks now have connectors available (well available, but not right now). I used them with my Boyle set and they were handy. I will be adding them to my next order.:thumbsup:

Worse, I put them in my wish list, and was working up to the $50…and when they went on backorder, I went ahead and ordered the $50, so will have to spend another $48 (or whatever it was) to get mine, with free shipping!

[I]Trying soooo hard not to giggle and take pictures.[/I]

Well, if anyone wants a review…

I love mine!!

I was so tempted to take a picture too and put it up…but that would just be mean.

My yarn doesn’t slide perfectly over the connector, as I have to sort of push the work along after a time cause it bunches up on one side, but I love the fact that I can take two shorter cables and one make longer cable that is truly needed for a project.

I’m using one at the moment to due a border around a blanket, so it’s nice to have all the stiches on one long cable instead of like two short ones. (I don’t have a long enough single cable to go around the whole thing.)

But I hope everyone else can get them soon!!!

I look at it as just one more piece to come apart. I have almost completely stopped using my options, almost every time I use them one of the cables breaks.

I didn’t know. Thanks for the heads up! Will definitely be ordering some. :slight_smile:

I never got an e-mail that they were back in stock (although I wasn’t expecting it til the 26th anyway) but I randomly checked last night and was able to order two sets! Just wanted to let you know - hopefully they’re still in stock!