Aww, Finally an OT Forum

and this is sooooo waaaay out there…I (accidentally, yes accidentally) purchased an AB Rocket…I will never ever use it and I have never even taken it out of the box…You see, my tendonitis/carp tunnel is back with a vengeance…I can’t even knit for any length of time :waah: …So I am selling this very cheap and if anyone has seen the commercial or go to the website for this product they can see it…Please someone help a girl out here!!!

What’s an AB Rocket, and what’s the website?

AB Rocket is a fabulous device that lets you do "ab, upper body, legs… etc. exercises…without the uncomfortable “old fashioned” way of “workouts”… assembled, you “sit in it” and there is a comfortable “padded” back that doesn’t strain your back/neck when you “work out” your abs, legs etc…

I was thinking anti-ballistic rocket.

I would go back to goose hunting if I had one of those. :rofl:

That’s what I thought and I couldn’t figure out why you had ordered that! :roflhard:

My dad would use that thing daily:lol: ( he is in the military and he has some abs!) He would on cloud nine with that thing.

sent you a message:hug:

k, but I don’t think he would buy It though, sorry.:shrug: