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I am milijana pejaković a new’m on your forum. please help me to interpret a pattern. Part of this pattern, otherwise patterns for sweater, is not clear to me:

Divide for Front Neck: Next Row: K to neck marker, turn.

Dec Row (WS): Work in Seed St (worked flat), dec 27(33-37-45-51-57) sts across – 159(159-179-195-201-219) sts. Work back and forth in Seed st until yoke measures 2(2-2½-2½-3-3)” above Pat St 1 band, end on RS.

Dec Row (WS): Working in Seed St, dec 31(31-39-43-46-65) sts across – 128(128-140-152-155-154) sts. Work even in Pat St 2 for 12 rows, end on WS.

Dec Row 2 (RS): Working in Seed St (worked flat), dec 23(23-31-43-42-41) sts across – 105(105-109-109-113-113) sts. Work even until piece measures 1(1-1-1½-1½-2)” above Pat St 2 band, end on WS. Bind off.

why exactly decreases 27, 31 and 23 of the loop? exactly when they need to decrease? please help me to interpret this pattern which I send you a link.
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I forgot to say that this is a raglan sweater.

It would be good to have the pattern link.
It sounds like a sweater knit in the round perhaps. Now you are going to divide for the front neck and decrease for the yoke of the sweater. Before the directions to “Divide for the front neck” the patern should tell you when to start the decrease or the dividing row: after so many inches? after so many rounds or rows? for exsample.
The following decrease rows occur after 2(2-2½-2½-3-3)inches and then after 12 rows of the pattern.
The reason for the decreases is to make the shoulders and to narrow the sweater up to the neck.

thank you very much, and you’re right: it is the yoke and knit it back and forth, and I can now send you a link:

OK, great. So the first decrease comes after you work the joining rnd, work 4rnds even, a decrease rnd and then Pattern st 1 for 12 rnds. That’s when you start:
"Divide for Front Neck: Next Row: K to neck marker, turn.

Dec Row (WS): Work in Seed St (worked flat), dec 27(33-37-45-51-57)…"
which you quoted in your first post.
I always like doing the yoke because the sts decrease rapidly toward the neck. It’s a very pretty project. Good luck with it!

I merged your two posts so the second one makes sense with this one. :thumbsup:

Does this mean that I of all 24 and 27, decreases loop … in just one line? I thought to go eight in a row - four front and four back. but if decreases them in order so many, how do I know exactly where in place of needles, which precisely in order to take the loop? every fifth or ninth or -?
I apologize if I’m boring, but this forum is really helpful!

first time online, and still learning.:wink:
the other post was really unnecessary.
thanks for the correction!

This is a very good question. Yes, decrease all of the indicated sts across [I]one row[/I] of the sweater (27, 31, and 23sts in each of the decrease rows). This gives you the correct shape to the yoke.

The best way to do this is approximately evenly across the row. For the first decrease row it would be every 6 or 7 sts. For the next two decreases it would be about every 5 sts. The decrease should be distributed along one row but they don’t have to be exactly spaced.

(I divide the number of sts by the number to be decreased plus one: for the first decrease, 186 divided by 28)


thank you very very much!
you are so far and yet so much you have helped me. can now throw myself on knitting.
Once again thank you and send you a big greeting from Serbia!:waving: