Awesome Tips and Tricks!

Share yours, here’s my find :slight_smile: I am in love the the smooth ending for circular knitting!,2025,DIY_14141_4246416,00.html

and at the bottom of the page there’s links to other tips and tricks from that episode. I’m sure some of you saw that episode.

that was one of my favorite episodes - i really learned a lot from it

That was a fabulous episode. One of the best I have seen yet. And I love Lily - she just has such edge and class combined in one package!

Ooh, I like the extra of the tighter left-leaning descrease (ssk). I have ugly ssk’s so I’m going to try this on my next pair of clogs. Awesome!

I have this episode on tape!! If anyone who doesn’t have cable wants a copy let me know.

It will be on again on January 12 so set up your TIVO if you’ve got it. :wink:

LOL, I loved that episode, too. The idea about wrapping your yarn that is left over from cast on a the plastic thing that bread is closed with is an EXCELLENT idea…someone saw that on my Backyard Leaves scarf & thought it was my idea…alas I had to say I got it from Lily Chin :wink:

arrrghhhhh i odn’t have cable out here in the boonies!!! the lines don’t strech that far!!!