Awesome people!

Had to run by the SPCA last night to get a new tag for our dog since we changed phone numbers and I met the nicest couple with the biggest hearts and I have to brag on them. Anyone that adopts from and SPCA is super in my book (it’s where all my dogs have come from), but this couple was adopting a pair of dogs that were 12yrs old. They were brought to the SPCA a couple of months ago when their ownder died. We’re looking for a second dog so I’ve seen the girls and they are wonderful dogs - but not many people have what it takes to adopt 2 dogs at one time let along 12 yr old dogs. Anyway, I think they’re wonderful and I had to share. :woot:

That is awesome!! :cheering:

You know I just said to my DH last night while we were watching a dog food commercial which had a puppy on it and I said, man, I want another dog so badly and I would love a puppy. And then I thought, Man, puppies are a TON of work!! I think our next dog will be a German Shepherd rescue dog that is older. Just knowing you won’t have to potty train them and go through the ‘wonderful’ puppy years. Teething, chewing holes in your couches, shoes, chairs, anything they can get their teeth on. :teehee: I love all animals but just the thought of getting a puppy right now makes me oh so very tired. :teehee:

Awww, good for them! I hope the doggies will have an easy time adjusting to their new home.

That is so awesome. I think it’s wonderful when people adopt senior pets. They may not be with us as long, but they provide just as much love and companionship. Thanks for sharing your story. :slight_smile:

It will be an easier transition for them, because they weren’t split up and they have each other. That is wonderful!:heart:

Wonderful! Many people want the babies because they’re concerned about behavior problems the adults may have. Not all adult animals in shelters are there because of behavior problems. We adopted a 3 yo cat from our Humane Society. She’s wonderful. We re-named her Ginger. :heart:

I think that’s wonderful. I don’t think I’ll ever have a puppy again. We adopted a 2+ year old female and a 5+ year old male dog and it was a great success. They had both been strays and are the best of buddies and such a joy in our lives. I like the idea of older dogs aside from the pain of losing them sooner.

One of the sweetest dogs we have ever had was about 12-years old when we took her in. She was a superb girl and we enjoyed her for almost three years. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Good for that caring couple.

We adopted our white german shepherd dog from the SPCA when she was between 8-10. We had four good years with her.

She was a stray, so I don’t know her story, but she sure had four of the best years of her life before she left us.

It broke my heart though, and I don’t think I could adopt an older dog again for quite a while.

We probably will, but just no time soon.