Avoiding Stair Steps

I know there is a way to do this. I just don’t remember what it is, and I can’t find my book that shows how to do it.

I am decreasing for the armholes on a sweater, and the pattern has you bind off three stitches at the beginning of every row for four rows. I know there is a way to do this so that it creates a nice, gradual sloped decrease instead of “stair steps”. Can someone please remind me how to do this?

The way I do it (there might be other ways): on the row preceding where the bind off will be… work to the end of the row, leaving the very last stitch on the left needle. Turn (now, one stitch is on the right needle, and the remainder on the left needle). Work the first stitch from the left needle, and then pass the unworked stitch from the right needle over the new one just worked to create the bind off. (Did I explain it in a way that made sense?) I hope… :slight_smile: Then, since your pattern needs a total of 3 stitches bound off at the start of the row, you would only have two more to bind off in the usual way.

Yes, it makes perfect sense, and now that you’ve jogged my memory, that’s the way I have done it before too. Thank you!