Avoiding loose joins in circs

I’ve never knit anything in the round on circs before and need some advice as how to avoid the joined stitches from being loose and obvious. :notworthy:

(I just might knit something other than a rectangle yet!!) :aww:

Thanks in advance!

I have found that when I knit in the round I just pull the yarn tight at the joins. I knit a lot of socks and it works for me. Others find that even that doesn’t help.
So give that a try a see if that helps you.

For the initial join in the round, this video shows you how

I just subscribed to her youtube videos! Thanks for posting this!

I second (third?) pulling the first stitch or two after the join nice and tight. If you’re using DPN’s, and you’re knitting something that doesn’t require you to keep the same stitches on the same needles the whole time, you can also knit all the stitches on one needle, then the first stitch from the next needle before starting over with the empty needle (did that make any sense?!).

Either CO an extra stitch, slip the first st and knit it together with the last st, or swap the first and last sts of the CO.