Avoiding ladders in purl w dpn. Frustration!

Hi. First post. Comfortable and moderately experienced knitter. I’m fine knitting flat and in round but now actually knitting socks for first time. Using dpn and a fingering weight on small needles. Lovely textured patter w a small cable.

Okay. So pattern requires stitches spread over three needles and the end stitches on each needle are purls. So the joins ot transfer points are purled stitches. Ladders are forming and I’m looking for a technique.

Anyone have experience w this issue? Thank you so much.

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I’ve seen this too. I’ve tried increasing the tension on the purl sts which works to some extent but isn’t completely satisfactory. The best solution I’ve found is to avoid a purl stitch at the beginning of the dpn by shifting them to the previous needle. In your case, if you can do that, use markers to indicate the pattern’s needle ends.

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Hi Salmon, thank you for the welcome.
The problem has defeated me. I just pulled it all out for the umpteenth time and will not use that pattern, I think. I do not have ladders with ribbing or stockinette, just with these strategically placed PURLED areas that form textured “diamond” shapes on the leg of the sock. Between each diamond there’s a cable, so the pattern is hard to alternate from needle to needle. I give up. My tension is good and I am a bit of a workmanship fanatic, so these three ladders forming in the leg of the sock were just not okay.

I’m so darn frustrated, I think I will go back to easy stuff like fairisle, LOL. I even have some cool Fairisle socks I may try. Or a pair in the War and Peace method.

Does anyone have any recommendations for great sock patterns?

Thanks for listening.

I’ve read something about this recently. You do not have to divide your stitches evenly amongst your dpns. Don’t go more than 2/3 or less than 1/3 on any one needle. If you can split up your stitches in your pattern to be able to have a knit st at beginning of each dpn it should work! Purls are known to cause ladders, no matter how tight you pull

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I’ll ask around about the “purl.dpn problem”
These are some interesting and challenging sock patterns from a Ravelry search:
Of course there are hundreds more, many free at Ravelry.

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I do what the others do…I knit for a while with the sts divided one way and then scooch them over a bit, and then knit, and then scooch a bit more. I don’t know if that’s the best way but it has always worked for me. And it’s a simple solution that doesn’t involve any goofing with my flow or having to adjust anything.

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Thanks all. For sure this particular pattern makes it a challenge to work on dpn as all rows have lots of purl (for instance, in a 12 row repeat, with 21 stitches on each needle (with a little variation to create the “diamond”), you would purl all the way into where the 8-stitch cable happens.

I gave up and took the textured “diamond” right out so I now have a much plainer sock but, TRA-LA, no laddering!

No matter what I tried with the purl stitches–changing angle of needles, tension adjustment, wrapping style . . . it kept laddering. Geeeesh.

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