Avoiding holes with color change at join

Hi there. So I’m trying to knit my first pair of socks with a fair isle pattern of three colors, and I don’t know to avoid the holes at the join from changing colors. I’m still at top of the sock where the stripe section is and there are 1 or 2 rows of color. Also, the rows aren’t even and after researching, I think I know how to “jog” the rows so I don’t get the spiral look, but I still don’t know how the color change works at the join to avoid holes? Do I let the colors I’m not using hang until I come back around or should they be knitted in? Does the new color tail get knitting in? If so, how do I do using the continental method. Thanks for your help!

Fair Isle socks pattern from Patons:

There are videos for both English and continental in the video section.

When you drop the old color and pick up the new color bring it under the old one so it sort of locks it in. It won’t show when its knit. Then next time do the same and it’ll create a tighter join.

How any rows of each color are you doing?

I have posted the link of the pattern above. To answer your question the rows go:

2 dark, 1 main color, 2 light, 1 main color, 2 dark, 1 main color, then the fair isle pattern begins. Did the link guide you there?

Yes, I see it now. I couldn’t remember my password so had to come on the computer instead of my iPad. Those are pretty!

Okay, I see… my previous post has the correct way to handle it. Drop the old yarn and pick up the new one underneath so it kind of holds the other yarn and it’s not just dangling. It’ll take several rows before you’ll see how it works.

Now if you’re concerned about a hole where you actually join the color… don’t worry about it. You can take the tail and weave it in closing the hole when you’re done.