Avoiding hole when joining new color

I am knitting this http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=180. I am having trouble when joining yellow in to form the duck… I end up with a hole when joining yellow to blue or visa versa. how do you avoid this?

Twist the yarns around each other before doing the next stitch with the new colour. If a small hole still shows up, you can tighten it up when you weave in the ends.

Would you break the yarn or carry it up a row?

If you’re doing intarsia (which by the size of the ducks in the picture, this is what they want), then you need to have multiple balls of blue and one of yellow.

Start off the row knitting with the blue, switch to yellow, then switch to the next ball of blue. When you come back in the other direction, you do the same thing, knit with blue, pick up the yellow from the previous row, then pick up the next ball of blue.

I know I posted it before, but here’s a picture of the chickie I did on a baby snuggle I’m making. I ended up with about 6 different balls of yarn at one point. And I ended up with a hole or two that will need to be tightened when weaving.

Thank you very much!! If there is hole it can be tightened? So whatever mess I end up with on the back is covered by the lining?

Yep, if a hole is made, when you weave in your ends, just try to weave in that area. Intarsia is beautiful on the front, but oogly on the back. If there’s a lining on the blanket, all messes will be covered up.

I got it!!! WOOO HOOOO

Here is how the front turned out, the back is just plain awful.

Looks good, and the back usually won’t be seen anyway.

ok so you have answered my trouble with chart work as well. i’v always tried to strugle with 1 ball of 1 colour as i knit on a budget and try and cut costs, something can’t be cut though.

the blanket is beautiful, and as everyone’s said wack a lining on the back for the messy bits


It is turning out to be easier than I first thought.

I’m glad you were able to get it all worked out. The duckie looks adorable!

[COLOR=black]Thank you! I have three more duckies to do; by then I should have the tension kinks worked out. I think a nice flannel lining should do.[/COLOR]