Avoid Chiggers!

I am, or at least used to be, one of those people that insects either didn’t think I tasted good or just didn’t have any reaction to their bites. But while out geocaching a few days ago I unknowingly got into an area infested with chiggers.

They made their way into my right hiking shoe and made a buffet of my foot and ankle. I didn’t even know it until that evening when I pulled off my shoes and socks. My foot and ankle were covered with chigger bites. They really, really itch.

I have since learned that chiggers are really bad this year and a lot more people are being bitten by these nearly invisible little pests. The bites itch like mad and scratching can just lead to secondary infections.

On the pharmacist’s recommendation I am treating them by washing them with alcohol and alternating cortisone cream and Benadryl cream every two hours. It helps.

Take care folks about walking around in grass and such places. The chiggers are out to get you.

Chiggers! I remember them not-so-fondly from my childhood. Such a miserable feeling, especially when it’s hot and muggy out.

Sounds like your remedy is working – calamine lotion was our trick.

I love to be outside esp. knitting in my swing but all bugs love me… chiggers drive me crazy… I spray my shoes, feet, legs, clothes, arms, and put some on my hair…yet those things still get on me and it says on the off outdoors bottle they won’t… drives me crazy… dad keeps saying it’s something I’m wearing so I tried using just plain ol’ soap… still they found me…:hair:

Never heard of chiggers but calamine lotion is great.

oh bummer. i was hoping for a picture. :teehee:
i’ve never had chiggers, but i had a friend who had them way back when we were in high school. i know they’re no fun.

You just gave another reason to not go outside until after we move! Right now we cannot go out into the yard even after it has been mowed, it is that bad with TICKS! I hate 'em! I even got one in my head while walking to get my paper, the sucker landed on my head from a tree. :oo: I had one on my sock from stepping on a rock to get the paper that hubby threw up to me and it landed in the grass. :grrr:

5 more weeks and we are back in the city and out of the noisy country! (there are some real loud bugs out here!)

(sorry if I hijacked the chigger thread!:aww:)

Chiggers are a larval mite that are so small you can’t usually see them with the naked eye, but leave a very itchy and painful bite.

Here’s a link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvest_mite

Terrible creatures.

For me that’s the most annoying part. I have never been a favorite of insects but I guess with age my body chemistry is changing. They have never bothered me before. Very annoying.



One of my chigger bites:

Hate to bust your bubble but chiggers and ticks are in cities too.

:passedout: I’ve never seen one or been bitten by one, but then I’m not a hiker. Bugs love me so I’m glad we don’t have too many here. :ick:

Ugh. That sucks.

We lived in TX for a few years when I was a kid. We got chigger bites every summer. Mom put nail polish on them.

I’ve heard that this a bad year for them, too. So I’m waiting to see how much longer it’ll be before I get them. Itchy, bitey things like me. :pout:

Thanks for the info. Yuch. I use insect sprays quite a lot in certain seasons I must admit. Just a coating over the legs more than anything else. I HATE leeches… run for your life!

Actually leeches are probably the least harmful of the possible pests one can encounter.

Hate to bust your bubble but chiggers and ticks are in cities too.

Oh, I realize that they are there too but we are renting a house and I don’t think the owner is willing to pay for a bug company to come a spray the yard to kill them. But we will when we move, plus this house isthisclosetothetrees and we are always visited by deer and other animals that carry the little buggers. You can touch the trees from the patio the forest is so close to us here.

Sounds quite nice to me.

Sounds a bit like me - I make a terrible pagan cause I love the country and grew up there, but have always been a feast for bugs, and I react really badly to bites of whatever kind. So, unfortunately, it means I have to avoid quite a bit of nature in all its glory, and can’t sit outside in the evenings etc. Bad, bad pagan.

ohh so maybe as I get older it will change and they won’t like me…:happydance:

We live pretty much in the woods too, so we get it all… I love the peace and quiet we have but the bugs and critters annoy me… I can’t complain though or I hear “you wanted to live out in the country, well you got your country” from dh…:teehee:

I’ve been told to take a garlic pill and then they won’t like you… but I was also told when you sweat you will smell like garlic… I’d rather smell like OFF even though it isn’t working very well for me…

I’m not the outside type of girl. I thought that I was safe living in the city but according to you Mason, none of us are safe. I live on a bust street and we get trash from the passing cars and walkers all of the time. I just might leave that trash on the front lawn. :oo:

another soothing treatment is the epsom salt footbath… it doesn’t actually fix anything, but the feet feel much better. Gosh- do they even sell it anymore? Mom used to get it in the big cartons like milk cartons. I’ve had an old carton under the sink for years ( a little goes a long way for me) and it just dawned on me I hadn’t seen any in the drugstores lately. Hmmmmm (off to check pharmacy website)