Aviatrix baby hat pattern help

Hello all,

I found this great looking pattern and would love to start it but am confused right off the bat which is frustrating because all the reviews I read state that this is a very simple pattern to follow. I am wondering what the amount of cast on sts was because I have looked everywhere I can think of and can’t find it? Does this pattern not have a traditional cast on to get started? If not, what are the steps? The rest of the pattern I seem to be able to follow as far as I can see when it states to “K to 5 sts from the end of the row” which I’m assuming means depending on the amt of sts I have on my needle at that time knit them all but the last 5. Does that sound right? I would greatly appreciate any help I can get and can’t wait to start this great looking baby hat for a friend.

Here’s the pattern:


It’s on the pattern. Which weight yarn are you using. The cast on is based on that. They start showing on page 4 with sport weight. Scroll down for other weights.

The other pages give important info about the pattern, how do do each section, a glossary, etc.

Yes, keep reading. The hat uses short rows which you can see here. They’re part of the directions to knit or purl to some number of sts from the end and then W&T (wrap and turn).