Average sock/ankle dimensions?

I’m knitting socks for an aunt, but I’m a little anxious- I don’t have her ankles handy to measure. The socks look a little wide to me as I work down from the top. They’re 3.5" across, so 7" around. That would work for socks for me, but is it likely to work well for other people? (I’m knitting with the KnitPicks bare merino :heart: which seems to be nice and stretchy.)

Can someone please reassure me?

Is that 7" ribbed (with the ribbing NOT stretched)?

That’s the stockinette portion below the ribbing. The ribbing is 3" across (so 6" around) unstretched.


It might work…my ankles are about average size, and they need about 8-9" stockinette. It depends on how stretchy the yarn is. If it gives a good bit, then 7" should be okay; just don’t knit a high cuff or 7" will likely be too tight further up the calf.

Hmm… I guess ankly-socks would be kind of cute. And leave me leftovers. (It was my first Kool-Aid dying project, so I don’t want to give it all away!) :happydance: Thanks for the answers!