Avatars: How did you decide how to represent?

I am thinking of possibly having an avatar… how did y’all decide what you would chose to represent yourselves? I see such creative avatar’s and just wonder how much thought process goes into it…


Mine is a picture of my big spinning project. I’m spinning lots of different types of fibers, and then knitting them into a blanket. I already had a picture of it, and thought it was neat.

mine is the badge on my car. well, it’s not really the actual badge on my actual car, it’s a pic of the part that’s on my car.

I’m too shy to put up an actual photo of myself so I drew one. :lol:

Simple in my case, I didn’t mind ya’ll seeing what I looked like, and most of you only know my first name. So, in all honesty, my privacy is still intact.

Mine was easy - I collect pink flamingos! (you name it, I probably have it or am looking to get it!)

Sheep = wool = yarn…that’s about it. :teehee: They get changed pretty regularly around here though so don’t become too attached. :wink:

I have two avatars that I use for most online things; the one that I use here and this one. I’ll tell you about Ariel first because I’ve had it longer. All my life, I’ve wanted to be a cartoon. No seriously, my dream is to be the voice in a Disney animated film. I like having the Disney avatar to show that side of me, but I seriously cannot pick my favorite Disney movie so I use Ariel because I like this picture and we both have red hair.

The muppet that I use on this forum is because I want to promote and support Sesame Workshop. I use to think that Sesame Street was a children’s show just like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood or The Wiggles, but last year I watched The World According to Sesame Street and realized that it was so much more and absolutely amazing. I have since decided that I will dedicate part of my life to working with them to improve the lives of children world wide. So, I wanted a muppet to help represent that part of me. I didn’t want one of the US muppets because it would just show the fun loving child side of me that the Disney avatar does. This is Kami. Her name [FONT=Verdana]means acceptance in the Tswana language. [/FONT]She s a muppet from the African version of Sesame Street. She is HIV positive and she lost her mother to AIDS. She was introduced to the show to help young African children learn about, understand, and deal with the epidemic that their country is fighting. I like what she represents about how a children’s television show can empower and educate children, and truly let them face their world.

OT America’s Response to Kami

[SIZE=1]When the US Congress heard about Kami, there was a huge public denouncement of Sesame Street and a demand that she be removed. They made statements about how atrocious it was that they would have to tell their children that this muppet had a disease that you get “from needles and gay sex.” It was infuriating. Kami is not a member of Sesame Street. She is on [/SIZE][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Takalani Sesame which is a South African show. Their knee-jerk response just showed that they are ignorant not only of Sesame Workshop’s amazing work, but also of the issues that Africa is dealing with. One in every nine people is HIV positive, and the African government urged the show to include a character like Kami to give support to the children.[/SIZE][/FONT]

I am not real sure where I found mine, I think I just googled Avatars then animals. I found this guy and I thought a badger sticking its tongue out was funny.

CateKnits drew mine for me. :teehee:

Before that I’ve had bunches, but like Jan said, they change pretty regularly.

Just my own ugly mug.

Mine is a photo I found as part of a running joke in Ingrid’s blog about a year or so ago. I did a google image search of “flying alpaca,” and lo and behold I found one! I liked the flying alpaca so much that I adopted it as my own :teehee: It was particularly cool when I was a mod and could ‘swoop’ in and fix things for forum members :wink:

My avatar is just lil old me. My previous one was my favorite animal, a frog.

Mine is a Stiney original! :cheering:

The reason for mine is probably obvious by now. I’ve also considered, at various times, using an Auburn logo (as in Auburn University) since that’s how I picked my username.

I decided to keep the cross because that’s really the core of my identity.

me too, me too!!! :cheering::cheering:

Mine is my one and only favorite comic book character Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, or JTHM. This is the best spot I’ve seen for more info or pictures. Anyway, he was created by the same guy that created Invader Zim. Johnny is just a little more… dark…

I’ve had so many Avatars over the years though. Some of my favorites have been a “goth” Jessica Rabbit, my dog in the sink getting a bath, and me. :slight_smile:

JTHM is just a little darker? :teehee:

Well… okay… maybe a lot darker… :roflhard:

This is so interesting… I am a pretty curious person…

Sooo… are there any rules as far as what a person can use? I found a little penguin (my collectable) named Pookie (my nickname by my best friend – no, I don’t know why… never asked)… but wasn’t sure if I could use him or if I would be violating some law and the Pookie gods would come slap some legal thing on me… ?? :shrug: