Avatar question from a new poster!

Shameless newbie here and I’m probably posting in the wrong place, but there are several things I have questions about…let me start with this question…how do I resize the picture that I would like to use as my avatar or one that I would like to include in a post? More questions, but I’ll stop there for now and see how this goes !

Would anyone like to help me?:oops: [color=green][/color][size=6][/size]

I load all my pics on Photobucket.com. They have a resize option specifically to resize to an avatar.

Loving your LOCATION ! I was JUST THERE yesterday…surprised I didn’t see YOU !

Does PhotoBucket require joining or registering?

I used Adobe Elements to resize mine, but here’s a link to something I found (free) by doing a quick search on google.

I use resize2mail.com

I use this one b/c it has a specific avatar resize, this site (knitting help) doesn’t accept any larger than 100 pixels.

You are all being so helpful ! Thank you…I’m checking out all the different suggestions !

I love that blinking box showing all the socks ! I just bought that leaflet, and made the pair of socks that I want to use as my Avatar. It’s a pictue of the socks I MADE, not the picture from the leaflet…would that pose a copyright problem, do you think?

I don’t thinks so, mine are from a pattern and they’re on my dd’s feet…I really like the ‘home made’ avatars.

WOO-HOO ! ! !

I did it ! :cheering:

Thanks, everybody,… I used shrinkpictures and they didn’t seem to require anything of me…GOTTA LOVE THAT ! I’m so tired of registering for everything on the internet !

How do you like me now ? ! ?

I think I’m really going to like it here ! :muah:

ooo did you make the sock in your av??? :inlove:


I love the avatar and the socks! I bought the leaflet a few days ago as well, but I’m waiting for my dpns and yarn to come in so that I can make them.

You go girl! :cheering:

Okay i am LOVING the color choices of those socks! i am a bit of a color-phile if i do say so (yeah i am assuming there is a real word for that…lol)

glad you found a program that worked for you!

I like photobucket because I can use the pics just about anywhere and don’t have to worry about uploading pics in e-mails and such. I can also send pics from my cell phone to it my account on there. it is free but yep, it does require registration.

:heart: Thanks for the love on the socks ! They’re only the second pair I’ve knitted (and last so far, with merino wool on the way for a pink pair for me), a Christmas gift for dear daughter (says she can’t stand to take them off…yes ! SUCCESS ! xxx

I love the leaflet, and bought it because you could use different size yarns and needles for the same socks…what a great concept to a beginner ! The yarn is actually leftover Cotton-Ease that I bought in 4 colors to make booties for my granddaughter…happy coincidence that her mommy got socks too !

Now I need to know…where do I get the cute permanent smilies to go down with my signature ? I tried copying ones that I use in my IM and email, and it showed the html code instead of the actual smiley !

is photobucket free?

Dotty I save my stuff to photobucket too, and then just use the IMG code they provide to put in my account, or use the URL code they give for the avatars.

Yes…It is free. It does offer paid service without ads and all that jazz but I haven’t found a need to pay for it yet. :slight_smile: