Avatar pic!

HELP! I want this cute pic from google, but idk how to upload it or anything. I am new, just started today and I want this pic. Rite now I am very confused. Any advise or help?!?!?

Although it allows you to link to something on the internet it’s not a nice thing to do unless the site specifically says it’s okay. Right click on the image and save it to your computer and remember what folder you saved it to or just save it to your desktop.

On the left side of the forum just over the Knitpicks ad is a link that says “user settings.” Click that then go to “edit avatar.” The info for maximum file size and kb is listed under the upload from your computer link.

Don’t worry, this pic is allowed to be copy and pasted, used on profiles, etc. Thanks for the advice I’ll try it.

Don’t start a new topic for each question just reply if it’s the same discussion. I merged this new post with the old one since it’s the same topic.

I don’t know exactly what the problem is. Is the photo too large? If you have a link to the image post and I can take a look.