Avatar-how to get the image small enough

[color=blue]Hi. I have been trying to get an avatar small enough 80x80 and am having difficulties. I do not have photoshop or any graphics program on this computer… :thinking: does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much! anne[/color]

i actually host mine on www.photobucket.com and just link it from there. the current one i had was initially still to big but they offer an option to make it smaller by 75%, 50%, or 25% and that did the trick. I do the same thing with my finished projects, just host them from there. Only thing i would say is that if you put them in photo bucket and then rearrange the pictures (putting them in folders and such) you will break the link and have to repost if you still want people to see it. No big deal but just need to be aware of it.

i use it for most forums i belong to now!

and i believe Dave has some code that he created to make the pictures size right too.

That’s right I have a little website that will resize it for you…

I’m not publicly giving the site out… cause I’m waiting to hear from amy if she wants to do it or if I’m gonna host it… but PM me and I’ll give you the site to use… :slight_smile:


Most computers have “paint” listed under “accessories”… and you can use the resize button…

Yes, but paint can only save in BMP (mostly) anyway… and most people on the internet… don’t allow BMP’s to be uploaded… :slight_smile:

That’s the only problem with using paint…

you can change the options and save in several formats that can be uploaded…jpeg and gif…I haven’t seen a version in a long time that would not allow you to save in a web friendly format.

This is true, I’m sorry, native format is BMP…

I’ve not used paint since… on… 3.11 so I didn’t know they allowed for that… now that I actually opened up paint and viewed it… yup they sure dop… You would have to do a SAVE AS, then from the dropdown… pick the file type…

Sorry for my mis leading information

Off with his head!


Off with his head![/quote]

[color=orange]eh…he wasn’t using it anyway![/color] :wink:

Off with his head![/quote]

[color=orange]eh…he wasn’t using it anyway![/color] ;)[/quote]

[color=blue]LOL… yup he was using it trying to help me… poor guy! lol It might be “off with her head!” soon. ha![/color]

[color=blue]:notworthy: He did it!! Dave did it! :cheering: Yay!! [/color] :balloons: