Available to trade: Briggs & Little pure wool

I have access to some great Briggs & Little Heritage pure wool to trade, if anyone’s interested. It’s made here in New Brunswick. I’m not sure how widely available it is in other areas, so thought maybe some would like to try it, and maybe swap for some interesting yarns I haven’t had the chance to try yet :slight_smile:

It comes in the twisted skiens.
-medium weight
-2 ply
-40z/113g/215 yard skiens
-100% wool

  • 17 sts = 4" on 5mm needles

Their colour chart is here

Right now I can get
dark grey
brown, green & red heathers
washed white
and also a cream colour that’s not listed

Hi. I would be interested in trying this yarn. What do you want to swap? Maybe if I have a list, we can help each other?? TIA Rubie

Hi Rubie!

I’d love to swap! I don’t have a lot of yarn buying options in my town, so would love to try out anything I don’t usually get a chance to.

I mostly use worsted weight yarns, but wouldn’t be opposed to trying something new. And I mostly knit for boys (having a dh and 3 sons), so generally buy neutral/boy colours… but wouldn’t be opposed to something fun in a girly colour to force myself to knit something for me LOL Let me know what you’d like to swap and I’m sure we can arrange something.

Do you know how many/what colours of the B&L you’d be interested in? I have some on hand but could pick up more easily. The heathers are really nice.