Autumn Rose Raglan Pullover

I got the KIT on wednesday but I did my own colors so here is my swatch… :slight_smile: This is my first real go at fair-isle so I’m very proud of my swatch!

See the Pattern and KIT here

It is going to look lovely!

Wow, that’s a beautiful sweater. It’s going to look great!


wow, I’m very impressed!! That looks beautiful.

I’m sure it will come out great!

Wow - that is going to look great! You are far more brave than I am - I shrink away from fair isle - it looks so complicated. Yours looks fantastic!

That looks awesome!

I’ve never knit it before, its SO intimidating isnt it?? its not nearly as hard as it looks, just hella scarey looking!!

Oooo so pretty!

If I may ask…why do you have so many ends? Do you have to do that when you have a lot of colors? I’ve done two color fair isle.

well if you look at the pattern it uses 14 colors in the pattern repeat so thats why there are so many ends, no way to carry it up or it would be bulky. 14 color changes!

That will certainly be a beautiful sweater

That is really lovely you are so clever. I have only tried Fair
Isle once and I made such a mess of it that I have never tried it since!! I just love the pattern I could be very tempted to try again. xx

You should be proud! Your swatch is so beautiful, if it were mine I’d hang it on the wall! The sweater is going to be gorgeous!

haha I am tempted to frame it LOL… haha! Ive tried fair isle like 3 times prior and it always ended in horrific frustration. I still HAVE NO IDEA how to read the chart as far as the decreases and stuff, but I’ll figure it out.

What colors did you use in your swatch? I’m big on blue-green and this sweater might just call to me.