Autism Awareness

I started aRavelry group to knit an Autism Awareness scarf. If interested, please check it out.

As many of you know, my son has Asperger’s Syndrome - which is on the Autism Spectrum. April is Autism Awareness Month! Please join me in raising awareness. :slight_smile:

Are you familiar with this Aspergers/Autism group on Ravelry? I bet those ladies would be interested in your scarf. :slight_smile:

What a neat idea. I would love to see what it looks like knitted up.

my mother, myself, my daughter, and my grandson (her son) all have some kind of Asperger’s like social-issue (undiagnosed except for the grandson. Until then they didn’t test in schools). My mother is the only one who has MAJOR issues, while the rest of us muddle through. (since then we’ve discovered 2 other nephews who have it - on opposite sides of the family!)
whenever we are in a loud, crowded, caotic place, we totally shut down and withdraw due to the sensory overload. It’s why I work from home and don’t go out in public much and never longer than a couple of hours - tops!
I’ve been called “insane,” “bipolar,” “schzophrenic,” etc by people who don’t get why I am semi normal in ones/twos/tiny groups, but go nuts in crowds.
so, let me go check out this scarf.

Thanks for posting this. We’re in the process of getting my 6 year old son a diagnosis of Aspergers. He’s a former preemie with sensory integration disorder, but as he’s gotten older, it’s become more apparent that he fits somewhere on the mild end of the spectrum.

My oldest son has Asperger’s. He’s 23 now, and studying biochemistry in college.

I am a member of that group - thanks! :smiley:

Am I reading that pattern right? They want me to knit however many stitches with one color, then cut, and tie on a new color? That’s anywhere from 23 stitches to ONE stitch! So, I’d have at least 9 color changes per round, doing the chart twice. Is that right, or am I missing something?

That’s correct… from what she says, you’re knitting in a tube and you never weave the ends in. You seam it up with the ends inside the scarf. :slight_smile:

My older brother has Asperger’s and he loves to take things apart then put them back together I wonder what he would think of this scarf?

I’m looking for the pattern. I’ll find it. Reading the screen with teary eyes is hard.
My grandson has Aspergers. They’ve never been able to fully test his IQ, all they can say is he’s off the charts. He is such a sweet child, but the behavior problems make life so difficult. He’s 11.

Hang in there. My son made it through regular school, got a normal diploma like everyone else, graduating with honors. Then, he went to college, lived in a college apartment by himself most of the time, and occasionally would live with a family member for a while if he got lonely. He graduated with a chemistry degree.

Now, he’s 28, and is hired full-time as a computer programmer. Lives in a very nice apartment in a nice part of town. I’m proud of him. :wink:

The only pattern I can find for this is Tunisian crochet… Is there a knitting pattern? I’d like to print it out but I’m about to call it a lost cause. Help!

I went to the group on Ravelry and there was link to this scarf.

I’ve also sent her a message so maybe she’ll post or let me know if it’s another one.

Thanks, Jan, I found that one. I do Tunisian, that’s not really a problem. It says

One U.S. “F”-size (3.75 mm) crochet or afghan hook (or size needed to obtain gauge)

but I can’t find the gauge or finished size, so if I do that one I guess I’ll just wing it, it’s a scarf after all. I did find another pattern that said to back the scarf with fabric. The TC one says:

Lay the two halves together (with WS on the interior) and, using black, sc evenly around the outer edge of the scarf.
which I think would be way to thick and stiff. I’ll figure something out.

I really appreciate your looking for me. My GS with Aspergers doesn’t like it in those colors!

My grandchildren all have some form of Autism. The 9 year old twin boys both have it… one more than the other but the other one also has spina bifida. The youngest girl has a mild form but it still affects her everyday life, plus she is deaf in one hear. Her older sister seems to have it as well… but we are not sure.
Then there’s the baby of the family. He is 3 now and not talking yet… little words here and there… also deaf, born with only the outer rim of his right ear… not hole at all. Autism too, I think but then it could be more to do with his hearing than anything else.
So our family as a keen interest in autism… thanks for posting this today.
Love the idea… will pass it onto my daughter in law, so to speak!

I got a reply, but she couldn’t help. She says she frogged the project and no longer remembers the pattern. Sorry!