Autism awareness ribbon?

I was looking in to the Dulaan Project
and wanted to check on the progress of the thing, so, I looked at mossy cottage knits,
since they said to go there to see how it’s going:

and came across this:
which is a neat-o cancer ribbon dishcloth pattern.

[SIZE=“5”]NOW, I’m wanting to make an autism awareness dishcloth, but, I don’t
know if it’s possible, since the autism symbol is puzzle pieces on a

If you have any idea about knitting a cancer ribbon to look like an autism
symbol, please post here. [/SIZE]

And, I’m still having an awful time knitting the oriel pattern.
The first 2 rows are something I just can’t understand.

OH well…

Oh, I would be interested in that too. I’ll keep my eye out.

The first thought off the top of my head was to knit the breast cancer awareness cloth in purple and then use needlepoint stitches to outline puzzle pieces in the ribbon. Not sure if it would work, but sounded good… :aww: