Australian Craft And Quilt Fair?

Hi folks,

Im just wondering if anyone has been to said Fair? I live in New Zealand and they are hosting one over here shortly and I was wondering if I should make the effort to get there or not? Is it all just quilts and scrapbooking? Or would there be anything for a knitter/ felter/ beader ?

Its website is :


  • Pud.

Hi! I’m in Auckland! If the website is not helpful I think it would be worth e-mailing the organisers, despite the fair and name baing similar they may be completely different.

Hi there.

I have already emailed them to ask what is actualy going to be there. Hope they take the time to reply :slight_smile:

Ahh, Auckland, Im in the South Island but am coming up in a week to visit family and wondered if I should make the few hours trip to get to the fair or not xD


As my above post says, I was waiting for a reply to my email, asking what was going to be at the fair, and just received this reply, maybe some of you Kiwis might be interested if your in the area (Hamilton) ? They mentioned knitting and stuff, yay!

"Hi Pudify,

Many thanks for your email regarding the New Zealand Craft & Quilt Fair.

There will be a whole range of craft supplies on offer at the fair, not just quilting and scrapbooking. For example - knitting, beading, applique, embroidery, cardmaking, crochet and sewing.

If you are particularly interested in felting, Threads & More will be exhibiting at the fair, and they sell felting products.

This year we will have more than 65 exhibitors from around New Zealand, Australia and the UK. You can see a full list of exhibitors at by clicking on this link:

Plus, there will be daily workshops, Craft Circle classes, and inspiraitional craft and quilt diplays.

I hope this helps you with your enquiry.
If there is anything else I can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks Pudify. We hope to see you at the Craft & Quilt Fair.

Kind regards, Karen"

Well then, looks like I might just have to try and get there xD

I’m from Auckland also & attended the fair in Hamilton Last year. I thought there was more to do with quilting & stamping than anything else then. There were a couple of knitting related stalls though incl. one where they sold addis circular needles (though ran out of the size I wanted). There may be more this year though?

Oooh, needles would be great! Ive been looking to get an interchangable set for awhile now, but down south, in my little town, I say “Knitting needles?” people say “What?”, you know how it is lol.

Maybe this year WILL be the year? If your going this year, ill say Hi, telepathicaly of course, when im there xD

Hello again,
I probably won’t go this year as I have quite a stash of yarn, although I wouldn’t mind some interchangeables or addis. I mostly still knit with flat needles though as that’s what most patterns here use. I’m over my craft budget though as have also been spending on scrapbooking & stamping. I know what you mean about little towns but even in Auckland City & suburbs we just can’t compare with places like the States for crafts materials. You may have to get interchangeables though the net or hop across to Australia. I haven’t revisited Aussie since taking up knitting again a few years ago but know that there is a much bigger market for crafts there (bigger population) - so will have to go on a shopping trip there at some stage. Anyway have fun at the fair.