Austin the Bear


Regarding Austin’s accident (son of rabbitrescuer), linnypin thought of donating a bear pattern she designed to him. Now she wonders if enough people would knit that bear. It doesn’t take a lot of yarn and could be used to use up spare yarn.


Any reactions?

I would make one :slight_smile:

Just remember when you all go to make the bears that you need to use something that can be easily washed and cleaned. This is something the hospital recomended when I called in the beginning asking about blankets.

Rabbit said that the stuffed/knitted animals can be made of anything so long as they’re inside plastic bags. So there is no worry about the choice of yarn.

[B]The family colors:[/B]
Austin likes Blues
Ben likes Green
Christina likes purple
DH likes ?

If we knit some of the bears in these colors the family could have their pick.
Ben could hand out the rest of bears to the other patients. Bet that would make him feel good.

Hi Everyone!:slight_smile:

I saw the post about Rabbits family… I would really love to help and would love to tackle a new pattern. I am still a little sketchy about reading them is all- could we possibly have a way to take a peek at it before comitting to x amount of bears?:aww:

Hope ya’ll are doing well! Please pm me with any answers:)