Austin the Bear


Regarding Austin’s accident (son of rabbitrescuer), linnypin thought of donating a bear pattern she designed to him. Now she wonders if enough people would knit that bear. It doesn’t take a lot of yarn and could be used to use up spare yarn.


Any reactions?

I’m sure there would be more than enough people to flood the hospital with bears!

I’d love to… It depends on how dificult it would be though. By next week I should be finished with my market bag order, and could knit. :slight_smile:

for me it is more about the look of the bear…I would need to see it first!

I know that sounds bad…but I really am picky with stuffed toys…

Don’t know why!

I would be willing to try to do one. Is there any way to see a picture? More people might be interested if we could see a picture of a completed bear.

Thanks so much!

FYI: after Austin first went into the hospital I called and asked about sending a blanket. I was told that items need to be easily cleaned and washed due to the fact that people with burns need a very clean envirement to prevent infection.

Just thought I would share so you could keep that in mind as you choose your yarn for the bear.

Rabbit said that the stuffed/knitted animals can be made of anything so long as they’re inside plastic bags. So there is no worry about the choice of yarn.

i’d definatly give it ago as long as it wasnt to hard. for some reason my knitting skills have gone down the toilet recently. simple i’m ok with though. if you can let me know asap what pattern is as i will be ordering yarn tomorrow (my lys does a monthy order, if i dont order tomorrow i have to wait a month). sorry i just saw this thred.

I wanted to help rabbit and her family, I had a spare knitted teddy bear design and wanted to donate this pattern for Austin. So please take a look on my website and hit austin the bear. Please let me know what you think.He can be knitted in any yarn you have going spare, but just use the correct needle size for the yarn you will be working with. If all goes well the patterns and instuctions will follow.Hope you like him lets see how many children will get a new Austin teddy bear.My size teddy bear only takes 100grms

He’s a cutie! I really like him! I would definitely knit one!

He is definatly cute…I will knit one!

Rabbit told me that patients are allowed to select a gift when they leave. Many of the children are considered out-patient. I know this to be true because one of my pastors had a baby last year who has been traveling to a Shriner’s across the state for various surgeries to correct some birth defects.

The bears that we make won’t necessarily have to be placed in a bag. They might wind up as those other gifts to patients.


I LOVE the bear! I don’t know how you’re going to provide the pattern. Will you be PM’ing it to interested people?

If so, I would love to give it a go.

Thanks a bunch!


Oh my gosh it’s adorable! I would be glad to knit one and may have friends who are willing. The problem is I can’t do it immediately…does that matter?

Also…I think it would be a good idea to clearly state your ‘rules’ for using this pattern so we don’t have any mix-ups. Such as is it only to be used for charity, etc. :wink:

Ohhhhhhhhhh he issssssssssss darling:woohoo:I will make one

He is soooo cute!

Count me in I would love to make an Austin bear,:star:

I want to make one !!!

[B]What a wonderful idea!!![/B]
Is there a time frame?
Where do we send Austin when he is finished?

It’s adorable! I will give it a go, if it’s easy enough. I have never made a stuffed toy, so this is a new adventure.

Wow! What a cute bear! I would love a chance to try to knit one.