Austin Bear

I completed my Austin Bear using LinnyPinn’s pattern. I think he turned out pretty darn cute! :happydance:

He turned out very cute :slight_smile:

He sure did, he’s just precious!

He’s adorable!

Way too cute :slight_smile:

He sure is cute!! Good job.

Really huggable!:inlove:


He is adorable!!! :heart:

Great j:yay: b!

Thank you for all the kind words. He was my first knitted toy. I was pleased at how well he turned out!

Aw! He’s adorable!

A.B. looks very cute and huggable.

Great job! THat is the next on my line of things to do, and will be my first knitted toy! Great job!

He turned out very nicely. Your yarn choice made very nice bear fur. He looks so nice and fat, all ready to hibernate.

:happydance: Very cute!! Great job

he really is precious