Aunt Pearl’s Cabled Baby Blanket

I am knitting this and have gotten to Row 16 and I am wondering what I am doing wrong and was hoping someone could tell. Here is a link
I ran out of stitches-- when I did the math (on row 16) the total # of stitches used is 138 and I have 120 to work with-- wear did I go wrong. I think it may have been when the directions said to start the pattern and I started 5 cables so I may have added one too many cables? Can anyone help?
Also, when I added all the stitches in row 17 --I also totaled 138. If I take away the first set of directions(explaining the repeat) and leave only 4 repeats and not do the main one it would total 121 stitches. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks so much!

Did you add more sts to make it wider? You should have 120 sts. Doing cables won’t decrease stitches unless you dropped several of them. The instructions are for 6 cables with 7 columns of stockinette.

No I didn’t add anymore stitches than what the pattern said. I did my 15 rows garter then started the cables just as the pattern was written and added some stitches (I am guessing I added more stitches from the descriptions of the repeats then did repeats–adding more stitches than the 120 I cast on)but I am really unsure.

I think I may have added in the description of the cables as one more cable and ran out of stitches… Sorry beginner pattern reader <sigh>

I do like the pattern , what a nice simple baby blanket!!

You should have only 120 sts then, if that’s what you CO. Perhaps when you switched from knits to purls or purls to knits, you took the yarn over the needles instead of between the needles. That would add sts.