August KAL - Turn UFOs into FOs!

[LEFT]If you’re like me, you have a [U]TON[/U] of UnFinished Objects (UFOs).
(I have [U]TEN[/U] knitting projects in progress right now.) :roll:
I wish I could get them all completed, so I would have lots of pictures of FOs (Finished Objects) to post in the forum. [/LEFT]

[CENTER]So, our August KAL is:
[B][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]“Turn your UFOs into FOs!”[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

[CENTER]Gather up all the parts of that sweater, and SEAM IT!

[CENTER]Complete those half-finished socks,
and be ready to wear them in September!

Put together all those squares,
and have an afghan ready for Fall!

Finish that baby blanket so a little one can enjoy it!

[CENTER]Dig through your knitting or crochet bag,
and pull out that Christmas stocking you started last year.
You’ll be able to hang it on the mantle this year!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be happy as a dancing Granny if I finish just ONE of mine!

[CENTER]And the best thing about our KAL is…it won’t cost a THING!

I’m in! This way can get gifts done before they are due.

You GO, Penny! Let’s get crackin! :hug:

Here’s sad…I’ve only been knitting for about a year and I have 2 UFOs…both are blankets for the 2 babies that my niece & nephew are adopting…the paperwork has slowed things down (long story) and I guess I got a little discouraged and haven’t gotten back to them.

So…I’m in!

I sort of had an excuse for the past few weeks, but that ended Tuesday when the shipping container was delivered. I of course found all my UFOs last night while rummaging through my stuff to see what I could send with our missions team to Nepal tomorrow.

Oh boy! My LYS is also doing a UFOlympic challenge too so I’m totally into this one! I’ll dig up all my UFO’s and see what I have. :shifty:

I look forward to seeing your blankets! :slight_smile:

Yay! I’m glad you have your UFOs back! :thumbsup:

I can’t wait to see your stuff, Jan! :hug:

I’m not sure which UFO I want to work on first - here are my choices.

Harry Potter scarf for my hubby:

Red ankle socks for my son:

A bulky sweater I started THREE YEARS ago:

A pretty shawl:

I’m in. first I will finish the elephant I started for July’s KAL. just seaming it up now. then a pair of socks only have one foot left of one sock to do. why I don’t just do i don’t know. plus various others.

Put me on the list ! What I don’t finish, I am going to frog !!!

I’m in! I have so many that it’s not even funny!

I’m in on this one…got 3 or 4 UFOs I need to finish or frog:

My Oval Felted Rug

My (sigh) Hemlock Ring Blanket…started for the third time

And my Lilac Hearts Tablecloth that’s waiting for more thread

I think I still have a lavender basketweave blanket to finish or frog and a cream top-down sweater with a sleeve problem to finish…Crossed Fingers

Sure hope there’s nuthin else! :shrug:

Welcome, Karina! :hug:

Go Debbie! :cheering:

Let’s get that taken care of together, Dawn! :slight_smile:

Your UFOs are beautiful, Mary! :inlove:

And Punkindoodle is kinda cute, too, huh? LOL! Everytime I take pix, she has to profile!

Yes she is! I laughed out loud when I saw how she hides her legs underneath her furry body. She looks like the cat with no legs! :teehee:

I’m in!! I have tons of things to work on.

Count me in as well. I have a pair of socks that should have been done a few months ago. They really need to be finished by mid August. Perhaps this will be the motivation I need to get them done in time.

I also have a pair of fingerless gloves, another pair of socks and a rug that have been sitting around for a while that I would like to get to as well.

And while I’m at it, I’m finally going to frog the baby sweater that I never finished. There’s no way it’s going to fit the baby it was intended for.

Welcome, lestrella! :hug:

Thanks for joining Xyza! I had the exact same thing happen with a baby sweater I was working on. I finally told the person I was sorry, but I couldn’t make it. She was fine with it, thank God! :pray:

Great Challenge!!!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:
I am sooooo in! I have a mother’s day sweater for my Mom that desperately need to be finished.( Thankfully it was from this year so I am not too too late:teehee:!) I am doing a long sleeved version of Sitcom chic. I’m about half way through the sleeves, so I don’t have that much further to go but I put it down because I was so bored with the miles stockinette. It will be nice to have it done in plenty of time for the fall.

I’m sorta In… I just have sooo many UFOs I have no Idea if I’ll be able to get any done, But I can give it a darn good try

I’m In! I have some mary jane slippers that I need to finish so I don’t slip and slide around the house, Some socks for my brother, A sweater with sublime mohair, I think I have some other UFO’s but I’ll have to find them. I am about to start some other things for christmas like a lace scarf for my mom, Something for my dad, something for a friend, and I need to finish those socks for my Brother and I joined a olympic washcloth KAL soooooo I’m In!!!