August 2019, Whatcha' Knitting?


Thanks salmonmac, it’s another little top for my granddaughter. She’s growing so quickly she’s out of them before they’ve had any wear!! This one is for a 2yr old (she’s just turned one!!) so I’m hoping it will last a wee while :joy:


Im just about to start knitting this cute bear- Ive never knitted toys before so advice needed as to the best wool type to use, Dk is the recommended wool, do I need to look for something safe for children.Baby-Spotty-Blanket-And-Matching-Teddy-Bear-In


That’s a darling bear!
Don’t use a fuzzy yarn or one that is single ply. Although the single ply is usually very soft, it’s not a very sturdy fiber.
A machine washable cotton yarn would work as would an acrylic for this. Some of the major brands like Sirdar, Plymouth, Lion Brand have good choices. I haven’t heard of any problems in regard to safety with yarns used for baby items.


I’ve recently finished this cardigan using Elsabeth Lavold’s Hempathy. The pattern is called Whippet.

I was just in the mood for a bright sprint green and there it was.


Beautiful colour, I’m not familiar with this yarn though, but it is certainly gorgeous :green_heart:


Great work love the colour



Ooh I love that stitch pattern!


I’m making a sweater for my husband. The original pattern is called East Bay. There’s a cable panel up the middle of the front and back and the sleeves but I couldn’t get it to work so I’ve used the elongated checks pattern all over it!


Speaking of cabling, I just started my first cable project a couple days ago! It’s an ear warmer headband for a birthday present, made of some soft shetland wool someone gave me.

The wool is a very light sport at most, probably closer to fingering wt, so I’m chain-plying it to triple the thickness as I go. I used a provisional cast on so I can graft the ends together afterwards. But otherwise this is a rare example of me actually following a pattern (gasp!):

I’d recommend it as a nice project to learn braided cabling on, and also a good piece to practice combined knitting because you encounter knits and purls into both western and eastern stitch mounts on almost every row.


Beautifully done!


I love how the moss stitch seems to go right up to the cables! So pretty!




Finished today but…
I’m half tempted to frog and re-knit making some changes to the increases, decreases and adding a couple rows of garter to the stst and edges to help stop the rolling…
otherwise the pattern’s great :smile:

edited to add the pattern details(I’d forget my own head if it …!!)


Woo-hoo, very exciting sweater! That will look fabulous and flattering.


Oooh that’s lovely! :slight_smile:


Finally done with this bag been busy this month.



Love the color! Very nicely done.


I finished my “Step It Up” shawl last night.

the yarn is RHSS Stripes in “Candy Stripe” and the pattern is a free one from Caron.


Lovely! The shawl looks like it was a fun knit too.


Thank you! It was fun to knit.