August 2018 Whatcha’ Knitting?


Some new sets of shoes for my sweet baby girl.


Thank you! I will give that a try on my next bag. Maybe not the face :slight_smile:


It’s fantastic :star_struck:


Wow, so many lovely projects in progress or completed! Thank you all for the photos.
Karyn_Croll, wonderful baby gifts that promise to be adorable.

Kildaren96, absolutely stunning sweater. It’s so good that you finished it up and in time for the winter. Enjoy wearing it.

What a fabulous shoe wardrobe this baby has, joynhappiness. Each one is cuter than the last.


From baby shoes to a wonderful knitted pet bed cover, I saw this photo on Pinterest and I will try to create one for my pug.


Current wips, top one using 12mm needles will be a long shrug for my daughter and other using 3mm will be a dress for g’daughter - jumping from one to the other feels very odd!!

and this is latest fo (for g’daughter also)


Love those WIPs and the FO sweater is so sweet😍 What’s the pattern for sweater?


Thank you, it’s from ravelry

It’s a lovely free pattern, the only thing I changed was to add the lace bit onto the sleeve edge :smile:


More wonderful projects! The shrug and the dress are going to be lovely (That’s some change in needle size!)
Love the little sweater and the colors you’ve chosen for all. Many thanks for the pattern too.


Thank you so much for the pattern info! Much appreciated:)


Finished the shrug for my daughter :grin:


Wow, so graceful and intricate! Beautiful work once again.


I am working on a cowl for my daughter-in-law using Gloss lace weight that I dyed with avocado skins and seeds, and a little bit of neon pink food coloring. The avocados gave it a tannish color and the food coloring is in little streaks. It is looking pretty good.


Thank you salmonmac, it’s a simple pattern but very pretty all the same. Hoping my daughter will like the finished item as much as she liked the magazine photo!!


This lovely!!! What was the difficulty level? I’d love to try it!


Ooooo would love to see that yarn at work!!


Oh that is a lovely shawl😍


Heidi Kirrmaier’s patterns are so well written, they’re a joy to knit. If you’re on ravelry, in her “group” most of her sweaters have a question and answer thread if you need help or have a question. The Avalanche is nice because it’s knitted with bulky yarn so it knits up pretty fast and aside from the front cable pattern which is easy, (at least I found it so) and is quickly learned, the rest is stockinette stitch. No seaming, knit in the round, and looks nice on. I’ve knit three of Heidi’s patterns, one of them twice. One did get felted when I was trying to slightly shrink it, oops so it’s part of my dog’s winter bed now. But I’ve not been disappointed yet in a Heidi Kirrmaier sweater. Well written patterns and designed to look good on a lot of body types.
Link (I hope) to the section on her ravelry page in regards to the Avalanche:


Hi Karyn,
When I get it finished I will take a picture of it and post it on this thread.


I look forward to seeing it!!