August 2018 Whatcha’ Knitting?

What are the latest projects around the Knitting Help community? We love to see what’s on your needles and read all the details.

Not an August knit, but it’s only just fitting her and I had to share :grin:


She is as cute as could be! The outfit is darling on the perfect model.

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Adorable outfit AND baby😍

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Winter hat for Baby G, quick knit great pattern and cute fo :smile:

Hi Everyone!
Finished another tea cosy, this time for the large teapot. Two stranded double knitting with crochet top not. No photos yet, but coming down the home stretch for a similar cosy for the smaller teapot. Looks like I will be drinking lots more tea, (after the weather cools down.)
Best wishes to you all!


Oh! this is so pretty :heart_eyes:
Something I’ve yet to try!!
( Teacosy added to the ever increasing list :smile:)

That’s spectacular! Such fun colors.

Missed the Baby Bumpers and it’s too cute to skip over. Thanks for the pattern link for this adorable hat, notknittingknots.

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Double knitting is great. I’m hooked on it.
Best wishes for your projects!

Thank you. My current tea cosy project is purples, etc, (Blueberry Fizz) and greens. It is inspired by the fluorescent minerals, Willemite and Hardystonite which glow green and purple. Best wishes for your projects!

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I’m making some pairs of knitted Converse style slipper socks for friends, all for Christmas - just as well because one sock takes me at least a week to finish off! The one I’m making right now is a combination of yarn from a lovely unravelled wool jumper that I found in a charity shop a few years ago (grey marl which also runs to creamy white and deep black - £5 well spent!) with WYS rainbow sock yarn carried with it. It’s really pretty!

I am working on a cotton tee–started with Sailor Stripes Raglan for the top part, then designed larger white and blue stripes, channeling a shirt worn by James Dean. sailor%20stripes%20james%20dean
My tee is here:
Hope it fits!


Also, I am working on market bags for Christmas. I am using the Monteagle pattern–fun knit. I would like to try a circular bottom on my next bag, but not sure how to do that. Some ravelers have use Judy’s magic something, but I want a circle. I found one at some point that started with four stitches, I think, on dp needles, then increased. Can’t find it now.
Thanks for any ideas!

T-shirt looks wonderful.
Here’s a pattern for a circle:

and also the results of a search on Ravelry that may provide more ideas.

I’m almost through with a sweater from Rico Designs the instructions suck!! it is an italian pattern and i’m beginning to hate it!!
If you want a kind suggestion don’t buy this pattern, even though it’s great but the instructions are something else and to top it off I bought it!!

I have a couple of wips on my needles currently. Both are gifts I’ll be taking to N.C. end of Sept. One is a “Bubble” for my granddaughter, the other is a baby blanket for my cousin’s daughter

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Finished my Avalanche Sweater by Heidi Kirrmaier that I’d started last Fall and then got sideswiped by two KAL’s so set aside. Now it’s done early for this winter! Lovely pattern, used a discontinued yarn I had in my stash: Rowan Cork - a bulky kind of braided yarn, 100% merino…it made for a very lightweight sweater for being bulky.


Some new sets of shoes for my sweet baby girl.


Thank you! I will give that a try on my next bag. Maybe not the face :slight_smile: