Audrey Hepburn doll pattern has me perplexed, please help!

Hello fellow knitters! I’m a brand newbie, I just started knitting a few months ago and I signed up here to ask this specific question, as I believe I bit off waaayy more than I can chew when it comes to making this pattern. I have the doll complete (amazingly, and not without a few fails might I add) but I’m utterly stumped on the hair!

Here’s what the pattern says. Which by the way, I found by Googling “Audrey Hepburn knitted doll” (can’t post links yet or I would have credited it)-

Using US 6 (4 mm) needle and yarn B and C held together, cast on 12 sts.
Row 1: Knit to end.
Row 2: Purl to end.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 once more.
Row 5: K8, slip next stitch, yarn forward, turn.
Row 6: Slip first stitch, purl to end.
Row 7: K4, slip next stitch, yarn forward, turn.
Row 8: Slip first stitch, purl to end.
Row 9: K4, pick up wrap on next stitch, place on left-hand needle and knit next st and wrap together, k3, slip next st, yarn forward,

I can manage to halfway through row 5. I might have even correctly Googled the “yarn forward” (which isn’t a YO, or a M1, if I am not mistaken - those I can do!). I will post the link to this method after I post this question here, I assume I can post a link in a second post (reply), please can somebody tell me if that is the correct way to “yarn forward”?

Where I feel most confused is, there are 12 stitches on my LN, and I’ve knitted 8 of them, S1 and presumably YFWD’d. So now I turn and have 9sts on my LN and 3 left on my RN. Row 6 is a purl of the 9 stitches I just worked? What’s actually supposed to happen to the remaining 3 stitches I didn’t touch during row 5 (or am I supposed to do something there?). I tried it and it looked weird so I panicked and unravelled thinking I did it wrong and here I sit.

I also wonder if it’s possible to knit the hair with just one colour, one strand of yarn? I assume I’d have to size down on my needles so that the knit isn’t too wide for that, I’m just not certain I like it with the two colours (I know, I can’t even figure out the pattern and here I am trying to change it, the nerve of me - I’m sorry!! :knitting: )

I’m making this doll for a friend who’s coming in 30 days, and she just looks so weird without hair. I will be so thankful to anyone who can offer any assistance! I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this! Happy knitting to all.

I promise to share photos when she isn’t a creepy bald naked lady with gloves on :slight_smile:

So this is what I did to “yarn forward” (after Googling “how to yarn forward” a few times and getting sooo many conflicting responses) -

Ye olde short rows. I think this video will help you understand what’s what.

Yep, the ‘yfwd’ here just means bringing your yarn to the front of your work, it’s not a YO. Then turn your work and leave the yarn where it is, slip the first stitch and work this row. That leaves the yarn wrapped around the slipped stitch and is one way to work a ‘wrap & turn’ for short rows.

Thanks a ton, you guys! I’m about halfway finished the hair now, and I wasn’t far off at first, but the simplistic wording of Suzee’s ‘yfwd’ explanation was what made it click for me.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to figure these things out via video.

Sometimes the videos just don’t cover this kind of thing or it’s difficult to find the right way to search. If you look for wrap and turn or short rows, you’ll find this series of steps.

suzeeq and others are so very good at explaining. I was hoping the video would help you see why you’re leaving stitches unworked and how they get used again later. I’m glad you got it. We all learn things our own way and finding the right way for you is what matters. I hope we get to see the finished doll.

Here she is!!! :woohoo: So sorry for the poor quality photo, my camera is a dinosaur.

I did end up altering the pattern a bit - Knitting the gloves directly from the arms, rather than knitting full arms and trying to cram them into knitted gloves, I added shoes, made the hair out of one strand and colour of yarn rather than two, and even created the dress pattern myself - the original pattern gives you instructions to make the dress from felt, but this is a knit doll, I wanted her dress to match!

How cute! Your changes are both pretty darn smart and elegantly executed!

Thanks for coming back to show us the final, lovely creation!

I like her. You did a good job. :thumbsup:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, make her reservation! She looks fabulous. Well done.

that is JUST gorgeous!!

Thanks so much, everybody!! :slight_smile: I am super proud of myself for pulling it off, and if I can, anyone can!

There’s also a Marilyn Monroe version I’ll be making for myself when I get more of the flesh coloured yarn :slight_smile: