Audio Books

What are your favorite auduibooks? or narrator?

My fav is [I][U]The Book Thief [/U][/I]by Markus Zusak not sure who is the actual narrator but it is told by Death.

Love the accent and tone of Micheal Beck, who narrates John Grisham’s books

Before I got satellite radio I used to listen to a lot of audio books while driving my rig. I especially liked the detective stories as they gave me something to think about while driving.

Now I often listen to the old time radio programs on satellite. Lots of great old shows including The Saint, Gunsmoke, The Shadow, several detective shows, Dragnet, etc…

That’s my favorite station on satellite radio as well. My favorites are the sci fi and mystery shows.

You have XM or Sirius? I had XM for a long time but switched to Sirius for the NFL coverage.

I have Sirius but would like to switch to XM in order to get Air America.