ATTN: Philly-area knitters (LYS sale)

Just thought I’d give a heads up…Sophie’s Yarns, on 918 Pine St. is having a 20% off yarn sale because they’re moving to Fabric Row (4th & South… in Feb.), til Dec. 1st… I’ll be heading over there sometime soon to check out what they’ve got and stock up:P hehe

Hope someone else can take advantage of this, too:)

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Yarn binge, anyone???

oooooooooo…I have a feeling a leetle trip to the city might have to be in my near future… :sunglasses:

Lucky ducks!

Go for it, you guys!

A lot of the stuff is a little bit on the pricey side (but mm they have some nice alpaca in the back area) so I only got 2 skeins of Nylon/Acrylic blend yarn for the clutch purse in my future…

I was a bit turned off by their lack of friendliness or shallisay… help? It took so long before anyone even asked me if I needed help… and a while before I could check out. But I guess it happens sometimes…

Nancy at Nangellini’s was much nicer, and friendlier… and hey… I paid less:P Granted, I didn’t get anything 'spensive to begin with… There was some beautiful silk there, I have to check with her what it was… I forgot. It’s a rather newish shop, so she’s still adding stuff:) It’s on 9th and South, btw.

If you come in town, check by those and two other places… Loop (on 19th and South) such beautiful colors! Nice assortment… Run by two guys.

And Rosie’s Yarn Cellar on 20th and Locust on the lefthand side of the street. Keep an eye out for it, if you’ve never been there before. Parking is also kinda iffy around there.

So yes… feel free to come in town for the yummy yarns! :slight_smile: