Attn: Fellow Plus Sizers

yep in the uk shops do only go up to like a 16, unless you go into pluss size shops. my mums pluss size (although according to that web site so am i lol, im a uk 14/16 with 38 bust). if you go into most pluss size shops in the uk they are seriously awful. they expect pluss size women to dress like a frilly barbie doll! admitedly i havent been in one back in the uk for a couple of years as i refuse to go it. last time i did i ended up telling the magager who ever buys the clothes should be shot as they have no clues about larger ladies lol. not sure i should go back again hehe. esp as at the time i was a uk size 8 hehe.

i hate the pluss size thing as well, in some places it starts at a uk 14!!

i swear the clothes are designed by gay men for young boys to wear not women! but thats just me (not anti gay at all, just dont want clothes for women designed for men lol)

anyway will shut up as this is something that has annoyed me for soo may years now


High hopes ya I Agree shattered again. The sweater was really pretty though. I looked at the girl and then the tummy. :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: I haven’t looked like that since the kids were born. Baby fat took over and made a nice home. My grandchildren say oh you have a nice pillow to lay on! :shock::shock: Thank you for the thought.:waving:

Why do clothes designers/manufacturers think that every plus size person automatically has big boobs?!

Or that every plus size person with big boobs automatically is 6 feet tall??? (I’m 5’4" and fit most of the off-the-rack plus sized clothes, except that sleeves are 2-3 inches too long, and pants and skirts are at least that long…often 6-8 inches too long!!!

Used to annoy me as a teenager when I was a UK size 14 (US 10?) I would try and buy clothes in teenage shops, but they were always still too small, so I ended up buying in adult shops where they fitted. That and the old style communal dressing rooms did wonders for my self esteem at that age! Now I’m size UK 16 (US 12 I think) and some shops just don’t fit me at all, where others are actually too large - I hate the “one size fits all” mentality of clothes manufacturers…

I just noticed that there’s going to be another Big Girls Knits book coming out in April. More BGK I think the title is. Go to and look in the Books section under Future releases for the link; there’s a few pictures of the patterns too.

Or that every plus size person with big boobs automatically is 6 feet tall

Lisa, they think every person 6 feet tall HAS big ones, not true!

Have you all tried this site that is on Shandeh’s signature?

oh it drives me mad as well the one size fits all thing. i can wear a uk 10 to a uk 16, how off can they be for goodness sake lol.

i actually have problems with my 4 year old son as well, hes not overly tall but isnt over weight or skinny, hes just right. can i find clothes for him.

in the uks defense they at least have clothes, i now live in france. all i can buy is sports clothes, and then thats a mans!! i have to get friends to buy my clothes back in the uk if i want anything for me or my son if i cant get back to get it myself. i must confess i am planning a trip to america just to hit the shops next year.


i have a different size problem … i am short and relativly slim (UK 10 ish) but for some reason clothes manufacturers think that if you are a small size then you have a tiny waist tiny hips and biggish boobs (a 36 inch or more measurement) i dont … .i dont know who does!!
and if i try and buy petit things then there is virtually no shaping at all and you would think they are made for a 12 year old boy. trust me … it is not just larger sizes they cant get the hang of … it is the shape of women in general!

somebody needs to tell these places that we dont all look like women in magazines!!

Oh Susi I know what you mean!!! Here in Asia everything is for tiny Asian sizes!!! It drives me bonkers! At least they have Marks and Spencer here, but there is only so much M&S a person can wear!!
I have gone into shops here and before I have even touched anything been told they don’t have anything as big as me… I am a UK 16, so not THAT huge!! However I do have a thick skin now haha!