Attn: Fellow Plus Sizers

This cardigan is beautiful, and looks very attractive on her.

Ya know, now that I read through it, I’m not sure. I don’t consider a 38 bust to be plus sized. Sorry for the false hope.

Well it’s still a beautiful sweater! I noticed that the buttons were straining on the beautiful young woman modeling it.

Well, she’s smiling and feels good in her sweater! That’s what counts! :thumbsup:

Yeah she’s not plus sized, she’s just got boobs. (Which, apparently means “plus sized” to every store I try to buy a shirt at! :!!!:slight_smile: I’m always on the lookout for sweaters for the non rail thin! Thanks for the link. :mrgreen:

I hate how they catagorize “plus size”…I dont even like the term…

I have a skirt I want to make, and its top size is a 29" waist…so…I with my 39" waist have to expand the pattern 10" and feel like a hippo for having to do so…so I have a big waist…apparently that makes me obese…

There is a book from Family Circle called Easy Plus-Size Knits that has about 50 patterns in it - both knit and crochet. Most of them are quite nice and fairly simple. There are even some in there for men.

I agree with you. And, no, you’re not obese. Just an average, normal sized person. I guess I was just so excited that a model, who is not bone thin, was shown wearing pretty cloths with flair. It’s so rare, and quite refreshing, to see.

They also don’t design clothes for people with big boobs. I wear a 38 because I’m 34FF (I’m def not skinny either) and I’ve only found one (on-line) shop that takes chest size into consideration. In most normal shops I have to buy a few sizes too big, so the sleeves are too long, the shoulders are hanging off me, just so it buttons over the chest - that’s why I like knitwear it’s stretchy! Although I’m not sure really which jumper size I am.

Most large women don’t like stuff fitted so much anyway. I sure wouldn’t wear something that hugs the body that much. I guess if you were like a 14 or something it wouldn’t be so bad, but at my size, room is important! lol

The designs at Vermont Fiber Designs
have lots of beautiful stuff for larger women. You know, you would think with the majority of the population now being overweight fashion would come to the other side, but it is still dragging it’s feet. Of course, with obesity at an all time high, I guess it isn’t too good to encourage us to get bigger. In the meantime though, I would like to have clothes that don’t look dumpy, frumpy or look like the crap Mama Cass used to wear.

:roflhard: :roflhard: me either!!!

As lovely as the sweater is she shoulda made a size bigger.

Also, hook and eye closures are not a friend to the curvy! Not real sure about the lavender/green floral print combo. Looks like a cute sweater tho

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I’m a 45 bust. I just got a mental picture of those poor buttons, screaming for mercy.:roflhard:

I looked about her website, she’s based in England, and I’m afraid over here according to most clothes shops 38 is a size 16 and most shops only go up that far in size. In general terms I’m a large or extra large in some shops - there’s only a few high street shops that do nice clothes in anything bigger.

its a sad commentary, i used to be a lot bigger, but now im a 38 dd,long, so i would be ok in the sweater, but, i used to be bigger so to me , 38 isnt plus sized…

I have a weird problem - I consider myself plus sized (size 16+ depending on brand) but my bust is small (about36-38B)! Every time I try to buy nicer clothes, the bust flops around and the waist is just right or too tight. Why do clothes designers/manufacturers think that every plus size person automatically has big boobs?!

Or a large rear. I’ve always had a very thick waist, even when I was skinny, so if I find something that fits the waist, it’s 2 sizes too big in the butt and legs.

Above 16 and you’re a plus size makes me so mad!!! I’d love to know what percentage of people are below a 16 these days! Unless they are a teenager.

It makes me mad, too. Especially when they talk about obesity being such a problem, and in my opinion, what they consider obese isn’t obese. In fact what they call obese isn’t even pudgy in my book. They’re making it harder and harder for us to like ourselves for who we are.

Anyway…'Nuf of that. Sorry for the mini rant.

Now this is a rant I can get in on. I’m a between - I’m not a perfect plus, perfect regular, and I’m 5’2" tall, but petite pants are usually too short for me (while average ones are too long). If I go to the “regular” sizes, a 16 is too small, and an 18 is too big in the waist, the shoulders and even sometimes the bust (46/C). But if I should happen to wander over to the plus area, well, then the 16W is usually too big all over…unless I’m at Wal-Mart and looking at something that stretches.

And to think I used to LIKE shopping for clothes…when I was a size 6 or 8 and even when I was a 10. Once I hit size 14 after c-section #2 at age 36, it was no longer any fun. And now it’s just a pain in my posterior.
Could I go back to Jenny Craig again (did that when my first child was about 2 to take off all that weight I couldn’t claim was from the baby anymore!!)? Probably. But the truth is that clothes didn’t just fit me off the rack when I was a size 6 to 8, either - everything I owned had to be tailored to some extent, and I had to shop carefully and a LOT to find a few things that weren’t too big in the waist or too tight in the bust - the hazards of a 36-38" bust with a 25" waist. Nowadays, of course, I’d be lucky to get one thigh into the waistband of things I wore back then. Gotta love that mid-life pudge…

Why do clothes designers/manufacturers think that every plus size person automatically has big boobs?!

And try being 6’1", and small busted (thanks,again, mom!)