Attention: TSA guidelines for air travel + knitting

Random thought, I was searching for info while planning my next trip to see Mom on the West Coast…

Added today:

Very interesting. Helps since I’m gonna be flying next summer and/or fall.

My 85 yo grandma had a small sewing kit in her purse and they insisted she take the little scissors out. My cousin had her crocheting with her and had to leave the hook. Go figure. I was searched in front of my 4 kids…and they aren’t that nice when they do it…I just kept reassuring the kids it was o.k. Ended up being my hair clip that was setting off the alarm. They made me take it out and thoroughly examined it. I suppose it depends on who is doing the screening that day.

Does anyone know of any scissors that pass the TSA test?

I don’t fly, but I was given a Clover yarn cutting medallion for Christmas and I have heard that those are ok to take. :slight_smile:

I have successfully brought size 13 inox plastic circular needles, size 11 nikel inox circular needles and kids blunt tipped fiskar scissors on a few planes including to and from Washington DC. The security was really strick both to and from DC, we had to change our tickets due to the hurricanes & had to go through the full search both times.


Revlon makes a TSA-approved nail clipper that is great for snipping thread/yarn - go to for the exact model.

This is great to know! I have a couple of trips coming up this year and you can bet my knitting is coming with me.

Just an FYI, I traveled through LAX and JFK last week with my knitting (on 13" plastic needles) and the screeners didn’t bat an eye.

I had the TSA guidelines printed as back up and was prepared to check my bag if there were any problems.

(Don’t tell, but I also had a tiny seam ripper to cut the yarn. I’m such a rebel! :wink:)

So, boys and girls, don’t be afraid to take your project on your next flight!


I have been flying a lot since 9/11 and I have brought circular bamboos of all sizes, sewing kit scissors with plastic handles, needles, nail clippers and a bunch of other stuff. I don’t tell and they don’t ask. I been flying from Portland OR to Providence RI. Also to Las Vegas, New Orleans amd Madison WI. I ususally get stopped cuz of my shoes or snaps on my jeans. go figure.

Thanks for that! I am going home to Canada this summer and was planning on taking some knitting with me. This is a big help!

This makes me laugh a little.

I flew from CA to VA last year. I planned to be in VA for an extended amount of time, so I took most of my jewelry making supplies with me. I also took a sewing kit, and small cross-stitch project in a carry-on bag.

I had fragile stickers ALL over the suitcase with my jewelry making supplies and warned the baggage handlers several times to be careful of my very sharp wire cutters and various other sharp items in the case. When I packed, I put everything in clear ziploc baggies so it would be easier for them to examine. Ha!

They took my cross stitch needles (these are blunt), scissors, and sewing kit needles. Said they were too sharp, and could possibly be used as a weapon. So, I had to check those.

They left me with a pair of heavy duty wire cutters in my carry-on case. They are very visable…bright yellow handles. The blades are VERY sharp. I could probably cut up to a size 8 wooden needle in half with them, or a small persons pinkie, and up to 10 guage wire. But God help us all if I get on the plane with an embroidery needle!

After all of this, I get through security and on my way to the gate, pass an elderly woman, sitting in chairs…cross stitching. With metal needles. I see her snip her DMC thread to start a new row. I was FURIOUS. Honest to God, I felt discriminated. I guess terrorists can’t be upwards of 60.

And if that wasn’t enough…when I finally got back to CA after dealing with a grandmother with dementia for 2 months, my suitcase was ripped, all of my jewelry making supplies had been dumped in my suticase, beads, wire, etc. all tangled and strewn. The pens, markers, and highlighters had been uncapped and bled through fabric that was in my suitcase. I made a complaint at the SW desk, and they gave me a $55 travel voucher. I kindly told them they could shove it, as I would never fly SW again.

That’s horrible Foldedbird!! You should move to Canada, like in,…ummm…, maybe Alberta!? We have nice flight service.

When we flew last summer, I had a pair of nail clippers in my wallet, which I completely forgot about until security asked me to take it out. I guess some kind of nail clippers have an extra blade on them, but mine didn’t, so I was allowed to keep them.

LOL, my first response to him when he asked me to take them out, was, very quickly, “Oh, you can have those. I forgot about them.” Hubby shook his head at me as we were cleared and walked away.

FB that is RIDICULOUS! SW stinks (my pg-13 brain censored my real opinion)

I figured I would saddle my knitting supplies in my laptop bag (or if I receive my JP knitter’s purse today via UPS :smiley: ) in one of the side pockets and use my nail clipper as my cutting implement. Will be flying tomorrow to Houston, and I’ve already printed out the TSA guidelines in case there’s a snit @ the gate. 8)

Oooh! Totally unrelated, but are you coming to the rodeo? :wink: That’s the talk of the town here.

I am glad to know the official guidelines for flying with knitting–my needles will be taking their first trip next month.

Can I ask what a JP knitter’s purse is??

Jordana Paige KNitters Purse. It’s gorgeous.

She called me personally to update me on the status of my shipment too :slight_smile:

Heh heh - am going to the rodeo & to see Gretchen Wilson on Saturday :slight_smile:

What I’d like to know, Roxyquiksilver34, is where did you get that avitar??? I love it!


I fly a lot due to being in the military and teaching classes all over the US. When I fly I take bambo and plastic needles and nail clippers and have never had a problem. I also read somewhere of you are worried about it (and have long enough hair) use the bambo needles to hold up your hair.