Attention sock knitters & those who want to be!

This book was on my KP wish list when I sent it to my mom, so I’m hoping she got it! If not, I can certainly get it with the Christmas money my MIL sent me…I’ve yet to finish my first sock…just a few more decrease rounds on the toe and then grafting…but I just have a little bit more Christmas knitting to get done…

:happydance: Love new books! Does the book cover magic loop knitting, and are the patterns written so that you could try any method you choose for the pattern? I have a sock and a 1/2 completed (my first) using magic loop, and I’d like to try more, buy I’m feeling unconfident about converting “regular” pattens to the magic loop method…does that make any sense??! :? I’d love to get to the point in my knitting where I could say that I am making custom fit things – I’m verymuch stuck in the rut of following the pattern word for word and hoping things fit! I assume that the more socks I try, the more I’ll “get it!”

I have a 30% off coupon and I am heading straight for Borders today to get that book. I scoped it out last week but my coupon wasn’t good yet.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Sounds like a book I am going to have to look into. I :heart: knitting socks. It is so cool to see how it turns into a sock. Kind of like watching the yarn turning into the FT Clogs that almost everyone has been making.


This is by far my favorite sock book! I LOVE this book! This is also the ONLY sock book I have that includes the short row heel! This is definatly the ONLY sock book a sock knitter NEEDS (now what a sock knitter may want is another story…I think I have 4 books now and there are a number on my amazon wish list!)

I too am on a quasi-sock sabbatical…however my Christmas knitting is quickly coming to a end a have one clog to finish and then my DH’s SOCK! (I had to knit socks for someone for Christmas…an entire season without knitting a sock is just too long) Then I can dive into the fun sock yarns I have calling my name! (DH’s is Navy Blue and the small stitches and dark colored yarn are driving my eyes crazy!!!)

I bought a sock book for myself for Christmas a few weeks ago and gave it to my daughter to wrap. Now I can’t remeber which book I bought. This book sounds great. I 'm hoping it’s the one I bought! :thinking: Can’t wait to learn how to knit socks. I’ve never done them before. Sounds like I might get addicted to them! :smiley:


You bought it for yourself and gave it to your daughter to wrap? I LOVE IT!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I am with Earthchick I am making it my new year project. Of course my LYS is doing a circular needle sock class so that helps.I would love to make socks, dont know why it is just calling to me. Maybe it is Rebeccas enthusiasm


Yet another thing I have to have ordered from O/S…

Why can’t bookstores carry as many books in knitting as they do in quilting???


Ahh, the SOCK SABBATICAL!!! How many days to that? Are you marking the calendar?[/quote]

OMGoodness, I’ve put it in the very back of my brain (and it’s hard with this new book :shock: !) bc I’m trying to finish the other list of accessories, which used to be this & that shawl and scarf…now, I’ve got to knit the hat & gloves to match the shawls & scarves…so my project list tripled…LOL!! But, that’s okay, bc it’s fun, fun, fun…and I have oodles of sock yarn waiting for me…then I will kick back with socks for as long as I’ve been doing accessories…who knows when I will ever get to sweaters & tops?! But…it’s not like I’m on a timer :wink:
I am gonna find some cool sock yarn while on vacation…have my eye out for some yummilicious sock yarn, baby :thumbsup:
Holly…I just really opened the book and had a good look so I could answer your question…THIS BOOK REALLY ROCKS!!! I’m afraid that it doesn’t cover magic loop, I wonder if it’s bc there’s a ‘booklet’ out entitled “Magic Loop” and it wasn’t something that this author and/or publisher wanted to infringe upon?! :frowning: sorry…BUT…it does cover 4dpn, 5 dpn and 2 circ methods and all sorts of sock construction & different fits, etc…I didn’t delve into it anymore or I won’t finish my other things…I will be GONE INTO SOCK LAND… to return…who knows when… :roflhard: :rofling:

I have the book but don’t really understand a word of it :D.

When I started to learn to knit my goal was to be able to knit a simple sweater…but then I saw socks!!! so the goal for 2006 was changed…to socks.

I am taking a class next month at my LYS and hope to become a sock knitter just like Rebecca…


Laura, I have complete faith in you! I had NO CLUE as to how to knit sock…I even went so far as to order 8 in circular needles…yep, 8" long…IMPOSSIBLE to knit with, but I thought that anything would be easier than dpns!! It’s much, much easier than you think, I promise! I didn’t know about sock tutorials @ the time that I started knitting socks, and the thing that opened my eyes was this episode of Knitty Gritty bc I was able to see what she was doing. If you go to the link, there are some videos there that u might find helpful to look @ before your class.
happy sock knitting :wink:

Hey Rebecca, is that book still your favorite?

Well, Rebecca, it’s because of you that I bought that book. It does look like a very nice book! It is sitting pretty on my shelf! I’m sure I will use it but I just started my first sock last night, and I’m using Silver’s tutorial first. So many people have raved about Silver’s tutorial, that I figured that would be the best place to start. Then I’ll move on to my book…and lots more socks! So far, I’m having fun, but when it comes to knitting, when haven’t I had fun?

I have to say though that you guys have caused me to spend more money in the last several months than I thought I would have! All this talk about Addi Turbos and interchangeable sets and different books and new yarns (to me)…well, I learned it all from you guys!

Well, I’ve just scoped this out on & I think I’ll have to go get this with my next Border’s coupon. It looks awesome!!! :happydance: :happydance:

you’ve all got me ready to buy… just about anyway… I’m wondering, does it cover TWO socks on TWO circulars or just ONE sock on TWO circulars (and is it that hard to adapt a pattern anyway?) - I’m a two circ novice, have done DPN, but want to give circs a try

I’m doing my first sock! If it turns out ok I’ll get the book =D

metalsgirl, it covers one sock on two circs, but it’s not very hard to adapt the patterns. I :heart: this book, and I used this site to help me figure out how to do two at a time. It’s a little finnicky at first, but you’ll get it.


Holly…it’s pretty easy to make “regular” patterns with the magic loop. Instead of having 1/2 the sts on 1 needle, 1/4 on one needle and 1/4 on the other, you just have 1/2 on the front of the loop and 1/2 on the back. Then as you already know…just have to turn the heels seperately.

Rebecca…thanks for posting about this book! Can’t you believe after all the socks I’ve knit no sock book!!! Sounds like if I am ever going to have one, this should be it!

Wanna be sock knitters: Jump in! It’s so fun! It’s so addicting! I learned to knit socks from Silver’s tutorial…it’s so detailed you can’t miss. Plus so many of the people here have used it…if you have any trouble there is a ton of help just a post away :slight_smile: