Attention sock knitters & those who want to be!

OMGoodness, I’m so excited! I’m always excited about socks…but this really excites me :happydance: :happydance: ! Okay, I told ya’ll that my :inlove: sweetie ordered the book “Sensational Knitted Socks” for me for my bday, he had to tell me about it bc it wasn’t here on my bday. WELL, it arrived today and it is INCREDIBLE, as any of you who have it will attest! It is as I’ve heard many say, THE sock book to have! It has everything, different ways to knit socks (dpns, circs, toe up, cuff down) sizing, st counts…the list goes on! It’s a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves to knit socks or wants to learn :wink:
I just had to share my JOY :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Cool. And cool of dh!! :cheering: :cheering: May have to look into it. My mother thinks I’m crazy to knit socks. “$14 for a pair of socks? Do you know how many socks you can buy for $14?”

I wonder what she’d say about me spending $34.70 {inc. taxes} for 3 balls of yarn, a set of dpns, and a pattern to make my hubby a SINGLE pair of handwash only socks??? :thinking: :roflhard:

I would hate to even guess what I have invested in sock yarn now…that is waiting to be used :shock: Nevermind the dpns, circs, etc…BUT I love :heart: knitting socks :smiley:

i thought the same thing one day when i bought 2 balls of yarn for $15 each for a pair of mittens (which are sitting waiting for me to stop procrastinating about dealing with the thumb btw) but i LOVE the yarn and have been coveting it for a while but had no use for it. would i spend $30 on a store bought pair of mittens? not a chance…3 bucks tops… :rofling:


I love reading your posts Rebecca. They’re so EXUBERANT. :heart:

Yay Lonnie. And YAY socks. I’m getting closer and closer to feeling like I can do these. I may pick this book up. It, plus Silver’s tutorial - and I’ll be an expert in no time.

Thanks for the review! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that I would say that I LOVE knitting socks, but I sure do like 'em a lot! My guess is that at least 90% of my current sock yarn stash is chepo Bernat Sox, most of which I got on clearance at work. I thought I was splurging on the Kroy @ $5 a ball on clearance until I bought my STR!!! Hubby’s socks beat that now though! He did give me a funny look, and made a funny comment when we were at Ram’s getting his wool, when I said to the clerk that I would treat myself to the bamboo dpns!!! Well at $10 for a set of dpns, you better believe that’s a treat! I’m glad I got them though. They feel like silk in your hands and in your wool. Hubby’s socks are a little too tough for me to feel confident using them, but you better believe that I’ll be using them for a pair of socks for me soon!

I have fallen in love with making socks–they are my favorite thing to knit! :inlove: :inlove:

I don’t care how much it costs to make them vs. buying them; if I make them–and I’m getting durned good at it, if I do say so myself–then I know they’ll fit exactly as I want them to and look exactly like I want them to. (Heck, if we always compared prices on things, knitting would almost always lose. But WE know better!!!)

I think the dh has finished the Christmas gift list for me–if not, this is going on it. If so, well, I buy it my sweet self!

Thanks Rebecca! :heart: :heart: :heart: :notworthy:

I just finished my first pair of socks today. Love them!! I made them for my 8 yr old son. I’ve already started another pair, this time for myself. I am using this luscious sock yarn that I got last weekend- it is 20% silk. SO SO SOFT! I can’ t wait to get them finished. It is a little challenging- I am knitting them on 2 circs, and between the yarn being somewhat slippery, using size 2 needles, and the needles being addis, but I still love it! I’ve heard other people say that knitting socks can be addicting- now I see why!

[size=6][color=red]Feel the power of the sock!!![/color][/size]

:inlove: I feel the power… :inlove:

:happydance: :happydance:

Right now I’m working on a hat for the dh, but I also have a pair of socks going. Well, the hat looks fine and all, but it’s not socks. I am not happy.

See, see what they do?!

:shock: SOCK :shock: KNITTING :shock: IS :shock: ADDICTING :shock: LOL…bc it’s FUN!! I have all of this sock yarn just waiting for me to finish these accessories that I’ve been knitting…and will continue to knit for some time…THEN…I’ll be lost in the LAND O’ SOX…can’t wait :cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :happydance: :cheering:

Ahh, the SOCK SABBATICAL!!! How many days to that? Are you marking the calendar?

:cheering: thats wonderful!!! LOL I have sock yarn and have co to my first pair but then Christmas knitting got in the way and I haven’t returned to it… :rollseyes:

Y’all are giving me lots of motivation to keep my new year’s resolution of learning to knit socks! :happydance: I’m very excited now. I have a left over Barnes and Noble gift card from my bday this summer - I think I may be using it on that book. Thanks for the recommendation Rebecca! :thumbsup:

I would tell anyone that questioned either why make socks when you can buy them or why spend so much money on the yarn to look at the commercially available socks and see how lousy they are. Making your own you get quality, better fit, better style, etc. Just my opinion :smiley:

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

:cheering: I Love it!! Sock Sabbatical! That is exactly where I am right now! I did all my Christmas knitting, and now I get to knit bunches of socks as my reward!! :happydance:


:cheering: I Love it!! Sock Sabbatical! That is exactly where I am right now! I did all my Christmas knitting, and now I get to knit bunches of socks as my reward!! :happydance:[/quote]

:cheering: :cheering:

It feels gooooooood, doesn’t it?!

Ah, socks.