Attention: Men

(Wow, that was the first time in my life I’ve ever been able to get a man’s attention! LOL!)

I’ve been promising to knit my husband a sweater forever! He keeps hinting that he wants one. So I thought I’d ask for a man’s opinion on a man’s sweater. Any yarn or pattern suggestions would be most appreciated! If it helps to know this, he has beautiful silver in his hair and he’d like something that brings out the silver.


I’m knitting a top down raglan right know and I like what I see so far. I like the Plymoth Encore yarn for the colors and for the fact that if I’m sloppy I don’t have to send it to the cleaners :teehee:

I would say a black sweater, in thick, heavy wool.

How cold does it get in OK? If it doesn’t get that cold, I wouldn’t make a thick sweater. I am not a man, but I know my man would want a thin simple sweater in dull or “boy” colors (like med-dark blue or green) if I made him a sweater. (we live in Texas though. And it never gets that cold, so I don’t make him sweaters)

Yeah, if it’s warm, maybe a cotton.

I’m sure he’ll love whatever you make him. I think dark, vibrant colors make gray hair pop. How does he look in red? Royal blue or black might also be good choices. My uneducated guess is that if you do a lot of cabling, you might want something other than black. I’m thinking you might not see your hard work unless you were really close to a black sweater–but maybe I’ve just never seen a black sweater with a lot of texture.

Cotton sweaters tend to not hold their shape really well for me (they get a little “droopy” between washing), so I’d vote for wool.

Just a personal thing, but I loathe bobbles. I’d make sure the person I was knitting for didn’t feel an aversion to anything before I put a lot of work into a sweater (assuming I ever actually get the never to commit to something as big as a sweater).


Hi there from me in Canada! Round here we need warm sweaters and wool is best for that. I like Galway tweed colours for men, and it knits easily and beautifully. Let us know what you choose! We all like to hear about yarn, you know… :hug: samm

Earthy colors tend to appeal to us guys much more than bright colors, and a solid color would probably be more to his liking than not.

Remember, we guys are pretty simple so we like simple things :rofl:

Was amused to find a pattern for a male thong…knitted! Now THAT would be a shock gift for sure! I can’t imagine it being that comfortable to wear but you never know. And the sizings were large, extra large and grab the smelling salts. LOL

Maybe to bring out the silver in his hair, choose a charcoal gray wool with a paler gray around the cuffs/hem/neckband?

I agree with guys preferring more subdued colors…I had an ex who ONLY wore navy blue, black, and gray. I had to beg him to “branch out” to chocolate brown and camel.

I agree, dark colors to bring out silver hair.

Blues look amazing near gray hair…makes gray hair look silver, and salt and peper hair just shine. Navy is lovely.

See, colors, I get. Sweaters…well, I am a big chicken :oops: . I am going to start my first sweater when I finish the lace shawl I am working on.


If you want something suitable for a warmer climate, there are 2 or three fantastic men’s sweater patterns in the non-wool pattern book “No Sheep for You”, from the editor of Knitty. It’s a fantastic pattern book, which I just ordered for the KH store! Already have them in, just have to add them to the shopping cart today. :slight_smile: I’ll try to scan some pictures for you of the men’s sweaters…

ooooh, good idea, Amy! Thank you.

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