Attention all male knitters

Nobones is holding a New Year’s Swap and we just realized male knitters never really join the swap so I was just wandering why that is? We won’t bite:biting: :roflhard: I promise…Plus it could be lots of fun:woot: :woohoo: :cheering: Sooo what do ya say! At least Check it out:

It’s true! I did the Winter Wonderland swap, and I only sustained minor injuries.

I’m sorry, we mistook him for a maleman and made him help us with some refridgerator boxes… I promise it won’t happen again!

We only nibble, nothing more unless you ask nicely.

Steve, sorry about the mistaken identity, but you look so cute in the uniform.:roflhard:

In my case it’s just because I am perpetually behind in projects…

I myself bite, but I’m not doing this swap, so its safe.:teehee: :biting:

I would join, however being broke is my overriding reason for not doing so. Once I have a job, then we’ll see.