Attempting to knit socks

I have knit for years…self taught, and only scarves, dishcloths & such. So…I have discovered…am I knitting upside down or what?!
I have a simple sock pattern, and am knitting on dpns. Cast on to 3 needles, so far, so good. Knit one, purl one ribbing for 8 rows, so far so good.
THEN, the pattern says, "knit until top of sock is 4 inches."
I knit, and knit, and what I am getting is: on the INSIDE I see the lovely flat knitting that is pictured on the OUTSIDE of the photograph with my pattern.
What I see on the outside of MY sock is the bumpy, “purl”-like rows. Pretty ribbing, and then instead of smooth actual sock, I have raised bumpy rows!
Am I knitting backward? Upside down? I’m pretty sure I’m not purling… Should I just be knitting continuously, or should I be flipping the work and starting to go the other direction after each row?
I have looked at online photos and tried to look at video (our computer is very slow)… I’m holding the “full” needle in my left hand, and the “empty” needle in my right, and knitting off all the stitches, and then the empty needle is full, I pick up another empty needle, continue to knit and knit. ? Correct? Is my pattern wrong; should I knit a row and then purl a row? Should I be holding the “full” needle in my right hand and knitting off onto my left? I’m putting the needle into the stitch from the front, wrapping the yarn coming underneath from the back, and then making the knit stitch.
Any help or advice I can get will be extremely appreciated! My husband already has said, “no knitting today!” (he has seen me so frustrated! And I have literally torn this out at least 10 times) but I AM going to knit…it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I need something quiet to do around here !!! HELP! thanks much…Jane

Welcome to the KH Forum, Geppymom! :hug:

When knitting “in the round” like this, some people do it inside-out, then turn it out the right way when they finish. I think that’s what you’re doing. No problem. Just keep going. When you finish your sock, just turn it right side out.

Good luck! :thumbsup:

Just be sure to follow directions very carefully for turning the heel. I can see that part getting extremely sticky if you’re not experienced with forming the heel flap and then joining the heel to the instep. Just thinking of doing the gusset inside out stops my heart.

Let is know how this turns out. :happydance:

You can knit “inside out”, but I’m not sure how it works when you do a sock. Maybe fine. But if you want to learn to knit your socks right side out you might look at the video on this site on how to knit small circumferences (I see she says small diameter, not circumference) in the round. Here is a link to the page LINK . There is more than one way to do small circumferences in the round and you want the one using double pointed needles. It is not very far down the page.

The video doesn’t spend a long time showing the join, but she does it the way that should make the knitting turn out right side out. I looked for a better video, but didn’t find one (not an exhaustive search).

I believe where you get off track is on the very first stitch when you join, but I’m not sure. I tried to figure out how to do it “inside out” and couldn’t do it. LOL So watch carefully and compare what you do to the video. Maybe you’ll catch the thing that causes this to happen.

You can also turn the sock now, when you do look at the sock. Your knitting should be going to the left around. That is the knitting should be close to you. I did that once when I started doing socks.
I couldn’t see what I did but got the light bulb moment . Just remember when you put it down check to see where you are and always knit counterclock wise. I also keep a marker on the last needle so I know where the round ends. That helps to keep you on the right way too.

THANK YOU ALL for your help… I didn’t forget how to knit (!)…it was that I was doing it INSIDE OUT! Yessss! “Gingerbread,” you nailed it. All of a sudden it WAS the “light bulb moment,” sitting in the chair, thinking, looking at that stupid sock, and then clearly remembering, “the front of the sock is facing you” and understanding where I was supposed to be!!! HAHAHAHAH!
I have turned the heel okay! And am working along the foot. This is an easy-ish pattern (once I figured out not to work along the inside, it was actually easier!!!)
I tore it out for the 23rd time and began again, originally a couple nights ago, right side out, and it looks just terrific.
I love this site, and must cruise around it to get further inspiration, asap!

You are right! That WAS what I was doing! So silly! I was questioning by actual ability to KNIT.
Honestly, I think I have a disability–cannot tell “left” from “right,” but it came clear to me when I kept thinking of one of the directions, “the front of the sock is facing you.” That helped…and YOU were right! Thanks for posting… I appreciate this help, and the fact that you are “out there!” xoxo

Isn’t it great when everything makes sense?
You GO, my friend! :hug:

Thanks to all who helped, and LOTS of views of YouTube… I wore that first pair of socks to work today! HA! Cuuute! And have the yarn for the NEXT pair sitting by the couch for tonight…and have orders from daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law “wanna-be,” and actual daughter…etc, etc, etc! So much fun xo

Yay! Congratulations!

:yay: You finished! Congo-Rats, and enjoy your socks :happydance: