Attempting socks...again

Hi all I am gonna try some “big” socks just to get the “hang” of socks…I am trying this yes they are referred to as “cottage”…but in the very last line of pat I have never heard the term “mesh” anyone know what that means??:hug:

It just means to put them onto two DPNs. A word to the wise… make sure you have the bottom of the sock on one needle and top on the other. Otherwise your toe will be crooked. Ask me how I know. :doh:

Great advice!! Can you use this “Cottage” pattern for regular socks? Or is this just for “slippers”???:hug:

Well since it’s made with bulky yarn it would be more of a pain to try to adjust the pattern than to use one meant for sock weight yarn…or whatever weight you want. I don’t know about you, but my foot won’t fit in my shoe with bulky weight yarn. :wink:

Silver’s sock class has the best for learning IMO because she has all the great photos of each step and uses different weights.