Attempting hat on circulars

I’m attempting to make a hat on my 8mn 16 inch circular needles. All the patterns I’ve looked at mention needing double pointed needles. Do you really need dpns or can you get away without using them?

Thanks so much!!!

You might need DPNs for the crown, I’m thinking. I’m not experienced with using the magic loop method so not sure if you could use that instead.

The dpns are used if the hat decreases as you form the crown of the hat. As the stitch number decreases, the 16" circular becomes too large for the small number of sts.
Shintoga’s suggestion is a good one. Magic loop is a handy technique which works best with a longer circular, say 32" or 40". You can use it for large and small stitch numbers so you won’t have to change needles to shape the hat.

Two circular needles will also work as the stitch number decreases.


Thank you both! I will give the magic loop method and see how it turns out.


Hello, you’ll see, once you get the hang of magic loop it’s really like “magic” :smiley:
Happy knitting!