Attempting first pair of

…baby booties. Wish me Luck!
I have one pattern that I’m going to try that has no gauge. How detrimental will this be?

Good luck! The good thing about booties is that they are small enough that frogging doesn’t hurt as bad. Plus, a little big is okay too.

Yep! They can always grow into them :teehee: I love baby booties. Good luck!

Yep when you knit for a baby it will always fit it at some point (larger is better than smaller, also because when they are newborn a) the parents are likely to have too many clothes that won’t get used and b) they are growing real fast so those clothes will only fit for a few weeks, something bigger to fit them at age 9 months will fit them for a longer time). As long as you are knitting for an unborn baby or aiming for a bit larger than fits it now you should be sweet. If you are knitting for a baby born already, and aiming to fit it right now, a teeny bit smaller than you expect might be too small for it but there will always be another baby that can use them! If that’s the case, you might like to look at your gauge and the number of stitches to work out how big the bootees will be, but since they only take an hour or two to knit you might as well dive in.

They are much easier to knit then one would imagine. Easier then socks. However there are some patterns out there that do not have well written patterns. So hopefully you do not find one of those, because you do not want to get discouraged. I posted many patterns for booties somewhere on the forum lol might try different ones! Did you know most preemie foots are only around an inch long. Look at your pinky now the first line towards the top of your pinky to the last line towards your palm but still on the pinky was the size of my preemie sons foot, literally and inch :wink:
Keep it up, not saying your doing for charity but to learn something new is a “good thing” :yay: