Attempt at knitting socks!

I just found a pattern for knitting socks that looks easy enough for me since I have never even attempted to knit them (but have wanted to since my grandkids were babies!). But, after reading the instructions, (which seem easy), I came to the last sentence which reads as follows:

Shape Toe.– Work every purl st. and knit st. following it together, until 14sts. remain. Divide these sts. on to two
needles and graft them.


The instructions are to work two sts together, the purl st and the following knit st as you go around the toe.
Then you divide the sts in half onto two needles (one for the top part of the sock or the part of the sock facing up, one for the part that will be under the toes and facing the floor when it’s on your foot). Grafting or Kitchener stitch is a neat way to bind off the sts. There’s a video for it on the Free Videos tab at the top of the page under Tips.