Attaching yarn to a ring

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to make a cat tunnel and couldn’t figure out how to start it.
I found the following pattern but all it says is to “attach yarn to ring”.
Attach how? I did the wrap around but was hoping I was missing something obvious?

It’s a crochet pattern, so you crochet the chain around the ring, then crochet around until the tunnel is complete. You could crochet a chain and then knit in the round; it wouldn’t make much difference.

Here’s a link to show you how to do the cast on if you’ve never done crochet before.

Oooooh thanks Angelia!

The link to the provisional cast on was just what I needed!

I knew the pattern was crochet but the crochet forum I belong to isn’t quite as good or as fast in replies as this knitting forum is. So I usually post here first.

Aww, glad we knitters can help even with crochet! :hug: (I do crochet as well, so I guess that helped me help you!)

Ooh, also at the Stitch Diva site is an amazing tutorial on Tunisian crochet–if you’ve never done it, give it a try. It’s beautiful!

[color=indigo]Once you attach the yarn to the ring, you can pick up the sts with a circular needle and knit in the round if you’d rather do that than crochet in the round. :teehee: I do both, so it wouldn’t bother me either way…but some prefer one or the other. :eyebrow: [/color]