Attaching yarn/picking up and knitting

I’m doing the knit-down pullover from Sally Melville’s The Knit Stitch and just finished the front… I bound off the bottom and cut the yarn… and now I’m at the part where I’m supposed to pick up and knit stitches at the shoulders so I can do a three-needle bind-off.

So, there I go, reminding myself how to pick up and knit… and I’m supposed to take the right needle, insert it, wrap the working yarn…

Which is where I come to a screeching halt. WHAT WORKING YARN???

Am I supposed to attach yarn? Which, incidentally, is a mysterious concept I sort of worked out when I was making the Tank Girl tank top from Stitch 'n Bitch this summer, but it seems to be something no one really stresses… how to do it right.

Help…! :pout:

Three needle bind off is usually done with live stitches, before binding off the shoulders.

I guess you can pick up stitches and then do the bind-off–it will just make a bulkier seam, but still better than sewing, I’d bet.

Anyway, you can just start using the yarn from the ball and pick up stitches. The first one might be a bit loose, but you can snug it up. You can also pull through the first stitch, then pull through the yarn and it’s tail for a two-looped second stitch. I’ve also done it where I’ve made a slip knot and pulled that through for a bit of security.

Ingy… do I understand this right…? I just loop the end of the ball of yarn around the needle and use it as my working yarn? (I don’t mean to be dense, I’ve just never seen it explained.)

The trouble with the 3-needle bind-off theory of using live stitches is that it’s a knit-down sweater, so the bind-off was at the bottom, not at the shoulders. That’s why I need to put stitches back on it. The more I think about it, I’m not sure this is a sensible way to make a sweater…! But it’s my first-ever attempt, so I don’t know what the other ways entail yet… :shrug:

Do they say to use the 3 needle bind off for the shoulders? Maybe they want you to seam them.

But yes, just loop the yarn and pull it through. Keep the tail to the right and work from right to left along the sweater edge. If it doesn’t look good with a picked-up 3nbo, then it will come out easily, none the worse for wear.

Thanks, Ingy! The pattern says “On Back, using larger needles and beginning at right armhole edge, pick up and k the following:… [discussion of where to pick up sts]. Next row (WS) K all sts. Break thread. Put sts onto spare needle of any size, with neck st at point end of needle (if using straight needle).” Then it repeats on Front. Then “Work three-needle bind-off. Hold Back and Front with WS together. Beginning of row is at neck edges. With larger needle…” etc.

I think I’m going to deal with this tomorrow… it’s too late now and my brain isn’t functioning. I’ll come back here again if I get stuck! (Or, on the other hand, to tell you if it worked!)

Thanks again!