Attaching stitches left on extra needles

I am fairly new to knitting. I know how to pick up stitches, but this sweater I am putting together has about 20 stitches left on extra needles on both front and back. The directions call to pick up stitches and knit, then knit the 20 stitches, then pick up and knit more stitches and knit, then knit the other 20 stitches… I don’t think I can just pick up stitches, then slide on my leftover stitches, then pick up more because I’ll have yarn dangling between the stretches.

When patterns say `pick up and knit’ they don’t mean pick up the stitches and knit another row, but to pick up the stitches knitwise. So you’d pick up your stitches, knit 20, pick up the next set, knit 20 just as if you’re knitting an entire row or round.

Does that help you picture it?


thanks, I think I can see it better now, I’m going to try it now!