Attaching Images

[color=darkblue]How do you attach more than one file (image) to a message?

Lando[/color] :shrug:

I just host everything on it is a free service and I don’t have to worry about sizing usually.

Attached images have to be 500 pixels wide on the longest side and less than 256kb. To attach more than one at a time just browse to another image and attach it.

If you choose to go the route Brendajos mentioned just make sure the photos are about 500 pixels wide or so and use the “Img” tag above to add them. It will look like this:


And you will get this:

[color=darkblue]I use PhotoBucket for a number of things. My question is: when sending a message in the Forum, you are asked to Choose a File, then to Add Attachment. When I choose a 2nd image to add, it just replaces the first one. How do I get this BBS software to accept a second image?

Landolphe[/color] :shrug:

Once an attachment is sucessfully posted, it appears under “Posted Attachments”. Above that is the “Attach an Attachment” section; this is used to attach multiple attachments.

[color=darkblue]I will try it as you suggested. Thanks.