Attaching I-cord (re Amy's description)


Has anyone done this the way Amy says to do it. Or maybe that’s THE way to always do it?

I’ve just done my first I cord for a little handbag. So, I wish Amy had the video ! but since she doesn’t… am I understanding it correctly that you are knitting it on? Also, slipping each last stitch?

Since I only have 5 stitches (and some I cords are only 3) doesn’t this make for a rather weak attachment? I’m worried about that since it is a handbag. Only 5 stitches to hold everything up? Shouldn’t it be reinforced a bit with some extra sewing?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :thinking:

Have you seen Amy’s I-cord video?

Advanced Techniques its the 2nd to last video on the page. I made an icord the way she shoes it, and it worked just fine, especially after I felted it.

Yes Jessica, I did watch the video & made it just fine. NOw I’m wondering the best way to attach it.

I usually just sew straps on with yarn, but Amy says to knit it on.
It sounds a little tricky. I THINK she says to knit it on. Did you do that?